New Fantasy & SciFi Novels for Fans of High Life

05 Jul 2024

New Fantasy & SciFi Novels for Fans of High Life

From epic quests to mind-bending adventures, each book promises to ignite your imagination and transport you to galaxies far beyond. Prepare to lose yourself in these captivating narratives where the boundaries of reality blur and every page brings new wonders to explore.

The Lives and Deaths of Harry Blunt (Port Harker Book 1)

by Obediah Keane

Release Date: April 30 2024

An afterlife sentence. An innocent hanging in the balance. Can this overprotective dad make things right from beyond the grave? Harry Blunt is in a panic. Recently deceased, he’s facing cosmic justice for the crime of “interfering with the development of another soul” and babying his youngest child. Unless he can gain a last-minute reprieve, his unfortunate daughter is doomed to oblivion.

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Songs of Snow

by L.J. Thomas

Release Date: June 11 2024

When they meet at a mountain sanctuary for banished magic creatures, reluctant sorceress-in-training Elín and ambitious bounty huntress Kata are asked to help reclaim the refugees’ homes. Elín is eager to return to her own home, but there’s a hefty bounty on her life, and this is Kata’s chance to fulfill all her dearest-held dreams…

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Reaper’s Gamble (Of Black Sand and Ash)

by R.E. Holding

Release Date: June 24 2024

On the Northern Continent, where Guild membership grants great power and high accolades, Loren Turtingas struggles against his destiny to end an age-old secret buried within the tomb of Mount Gehenna. Reaper’s Gamble introduces a colorful world where jobs aren’t so ordinary, perks come with a price, and secrets are governed by the capital.

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Titan’s Tears

by Chad Lester

Release Date: June 30 2024

A scientist faces the hostile takeover of her life’s work. A slaughterhouse worker is declared obsolete. A woman with bizarre hallucinations finds herself cut off from civilization. A blind girl faces a fate worse than death. Hope or oblivion awaits them all when they meet on an isolated island in a gothic odyssey of technology unleashed.

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Rogue (Fannec Records Book 2)

by Bradley Trapp

Release Date: June 30 2024

Robert Fannec and his AI partner Ace uncover a galaxy-wide trafficking ring. Pursued by mercenaries and corrupt officials, they build an unlikely team of resistance fighters, rogue engineers, and even a former assassin. Together, they embark on daring heists, high-stakes infiltrations, and thrilling space chases to expose the truth and seek justice in this gripping sci-fi adventure.

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Starborn Secrets (The Odyssey of the Six Book 2)

by K J Matthews

Release Date: June 30 2024

Stephanie has never been alone. She’s cared for her brother, she’s been with Samson, she’s parented Samson’s brother and sister, and she’s buried herself into the care and maintenance of the Victoria. After all, in space, if your spaceship has a problem, so do you.

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