New Fantasy & Sci-Fi Novels for Fans of Frank Herbert

21 Jun 2024

New Fantasy & Sci-Fi Novels for Fans of Frank Herbert

Embark on an extraordinary journey into realms of sci-fi and fantasy! For fans of Frank Herbert’s visionary tales, we’ve curated a selection of new novels that capture the same epic scope and imaginative brilliance. From intricate worlds to thought-provoking themes, these books promise to ignite your imagination and transport you to thrilling new horizons.

A Land of Shadows and Moss (The Dandelion Chronicles Book 1)

by A.S.R. Gelpi

Release Date: May 7 2024

Enter a realm of formidable magic, mystery, and dark intrigue with “A Land of Shadows and Moss.” Two sisters must navigate a treacherous palace plot and break free of their curse to find freedom. Will they achieve their goal, or will fate put them on a different path? Dive into this highly acclaimed high fantasy tale now!

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Scaretastic and Sci-fi Stories

by Kris Maze & Krissy Knoxx

Release Date: June 18 2024

Scaretastic and Sci-fi Stories is a collection of short fiction intended to mystify and frighten readers to their delight. Written under the pen names Kris Maze and Krissy Knoxx, these stories span the speculative subgenres of science fiction and light horror. Includes award-winning stories and a preview of a YA science fiction series.

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Provoking Fate (Paradox Book 4)

by Henry Brown

Release Date: April 5 2024

Ike Jaeger just wanted to play football, race his hot rod, and chase girls. He’s never been interested in politics, whether a preteen in a 1988 St. Louis trailer park, or his adopted coordinates in 1963 California. Kennedy’s assassination and the subsequent coverup, however, propel him into a shocking murder investigation through time and space.

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by Sylvia Mercedes

Release Date: June 2 2024

Taar took one look at the fiery little human, and something in him sparked. He cannot explain it. He knows only that he will not see her sold off to one of the soulless monsters trying to outbid each other for a chance to use and discard her soft, womanly flesh.

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Wreaking Havoc (Demon Bound Book 1)

by Grae Bryan

Release Date: June 18 2024

Kai has been waiting centuries for a summons. When he’s at long last brought to the human realm for his final contract, he expects to find another warrior hungry for battle and bloodshed. Instead, he finds himself bound to a saucy, scared mobster princeling who can’t stop looking at Kai like he’s dinner. It isn’t long before Kai decides that—for once—he wouldn’t mind staying exactly where he is, with a certain human for his mate.

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Star Deputies (Lone Wolf Squadron Book 9)

by Jamie Davis & Michael Anderle

Release Date: June 14 2024

Marshal Ward and his misfit deputies are stretched thinner than ever before. His greatest fear is they’ll break before they succeed in bringing down the Uuru Skaine Consortium once and for all. Add in an alien clan war on the frontier borders, and a strange new group of allies… Well, let’s just say there’s a lot for our Lone Wolf Squadron to do. But those pilots don’t shy away from danger. They’re ready for whatever comes their way. It’s who they are. After all, they’re Star Deputies!

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