New Fantasy Recommendations | July 2021

28 Jul 2021

New Fantasy Recommendations | July 2021

Looking for a new action-packed fantasy novel? Check out our fantasy picks for this week, we’ve got everything from LGBTQ+ epic fantasy to urban paranormal investigations from USA Today and International Amazon bestselling authors Willow Mason, John Garrett, Kate Haley, R.J. Blain, Aaron D. Schneider, Michael Anderle, and Aldrea Alien. Enjoy!

Welcome to the Inbetween

by Kate Haley

Release Date: June 22, 2021

A new LGBTQ+ young adult fantasy by bestselling author Kate Haley…Welcome to a world of magic and chaos. Too much chaos, if you ask me. I’m Chris, and I’m stuck in the Inbetween. It’s kinda my fault, I did jump, but I didn’t expect this. I don’t know what I was expecting… but now I’m the cat curiosity is trying to kill – or, at least, I can be. Turns out I’m a Bone Magician. The last Bone Magician. And there’s a prophecy, because of course there is, and the deadline is my 16th birthday because of course, it is! I did not pack enough brownies for this mission. But there are good things too. Did I mention AJ? Have you met AJ? You need to meet AJ. He’s going to teach me magic, and we’re going to save the world. But we’ve only got a week to do it. Wanna help?

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The Life-Taker

by John Garrett

Release Date: June 30, 2021

An exciting new action and adventure fantasy by John Garrett…Kurzhon, The Life-Taker, is the last member of the lost race of Vultaikans – warriors feared and hated across the lands for their murderous ways. Like his ancestors before him, this ruthless fighter solves problems with violence and intimidation, making him a man with a target on his back. But when the ruling powers from the kingdom of Resslayke need a great warrior, The Life-Taker is their only hope of victory, and they will stop at nothing to force him into the fight.

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At Your Fairy Worst

by Willow Mason

Release Date: July 26, 2021

Book 1 of the Fairy Batmother Series by Willow Mason…I’m a fairy godmother, turned vampire, assigned to protect a detective sergeant determined to wipe out my entire nest. That’s the TL;DR version, anyway. Born without wings, I was never considered suitable for the cushy assignments my compatriots scored from the high council. Instead, I mucked around on the low rungs of the ladder, taking piecemeal work that earned me a reputation as a Ms. Fixit. But when a dead police officer (don’t ask) seeks my help to solve a murder, I find myself investigating a crime of paranormal proportions.

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To Poison a Prince

by Aldrea Alien

Release Date: July 31, 2021

USA Today Bestselling Author Aldrea Alien brings us Book 2 of A Tale of Two Princes…Imperial Crown Prince Darshan knew his journey home wasn’t going to be the modest one he hoped for, especially not after eloping with Hamish, a former prince—and now exile—of Tirglas. When he thwarts a clumsy attempt on his husband’s life during a soirée hosted by his long-standing rival and half-sister, he figures the worst is behind them. Yet, the threat of death continues to shadow them across the empire. Someone is intent on making the rumors of his husband’s demise a reality, someone who can erase the memory of their very presence from people’s minds. Darshan must discover who is behind the attempts before they succeed. But who can he trust?

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Client from Hell

by R.J. Blain

Release Date: July 27, 2021

The first book of the A Magically Hellish Comedy (With A Body Count) Series by USA Today Bestselling Author R.J. Blain…Step one: add some gasoline. Step two: light a match. Step three: watch the devil’s house burn. As far as plans go, Sandra Moore rather likes hers. It’s simple. It gets the job done. It reduces the devil’s house to smoldering ruins. Life is good—at least for the year, she has left of it, assuming the devil doesn’t kill her first. Instead of the quick end and the retribution she deserves, Sandra gets the client from hell for the case of a lifetime, one that could forever change the war between the heavens and the devil’s many hells.

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Circle In The Deep

by Aaron D. Schneider & Michael Anderle

Release Date: July 22, 2021

A new action and adventure fantasy novel from international bestselling Authors Michael Anderle and Aaron D. Schneider…Across the sea from the bloody adventures of Skharr the Deatheater, another fell-handed wanderer treads a bloody road. Leaving her people’s crumbling decadence behind her, Axe-Wed wanders a savage world intent on making her way one axe stroke at a time. When she finds herself the victim of a nefarious kidnapping Axe-Wed must battle her way through darkness and horrors in the deepest dungeons, as her allies face intrigues and treacheries in the world above, as the city teeters on the brink of destruction.

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