New Fantasy Book Recommendations | May 2021

19 May 2021

New Fantasy Book Recommendations | May 2021

Looking for your next favorite fantasy book? You’re in luck because we’ve made a list of some of our recent new release recommendations just for you. Check out the latest from bestselling authors Susan Stradiotto, J.E. Mueller, Cameron Milan, Jeff Wheeler, C.N. Crawford, and Shannon Mayer. Happy reading!

Call of the Storm Sorcerer

by Susan Stradiotto

Release Date: April 19, 2021

The first book in The Serpentine Throne Series by Susan Stradiotto… The country mourns while rumors of unrest stir. The sorcery castes struggle for power and the casteless riot in the streets. Conflict hadn’t escalated this rapidly in Nantai since the Ryū Wars more than five ages past. The people need a new imperial leader. Mairynne’s soul yearns for many things, but she never wished for the duty her Father assigned. She carries two soul stones, one cold and the other hot. They came to her with the loss of each parent. They call to her, beckoning her to leave home.

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A Tune of Demons Box Set

by J.E. Mueller

Release Date: May 5, 2021

Welcome to a land where magic grows, demons and angels scheme, and chaos roams free. Three young women, each gifted…or cursed. All three play a pivotal role in a struggle between angels, demons, and a realm of magic. This boxed set includes: Fire’s Song, Spirit’s Lullaby, and Dreamer’s Melody.

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Towers of Heaven

by Cameron Milan

Release Date: April 30, 2021

The third book in the LitRPG Adventure Series by Cameron Milan… Jason caught up to the current floor in record time, gaining powerful allies and unique skills along the way. But an unexpected change in the tower took away his greatest advantage. From now on, he’s as blind as the rest.

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Warrior’s Ransom

by Jeff Wheeler

Release Date: May 18, 2021

The second book in The First Argentines Series by Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Jeff Wheeler… After a pilgrimage to the East Kingdoms seeking a blessing from the Fountain, source of the land’s magic, Sir Ransom Barton returns home in search of two dreams: Claire de Murrow, the heiress he loves, and a patron for his warrior skills. Unexpectedly, Ransom finds himself in the favor of Devon, the notorious Elder King. Brought into the ruler’s mesnie and given two wards of his own, Ransom is devoted to his privileged new position.

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by C.N. Crawford

Release Date: April 21, 2021

The third book in the Hades Castle Trilogy by C.N. Crawford… I’m struggling with my evil side—the demon known as Lilith—and only Samael can help me. Unfortunately, he thinks we’re dangerous for each other—just because we murdered each other in past lives. And even worse, he believes he has to marry a mortal to keep me safe. A genuinely terrible mortal woman, I might add.

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Shadowspell Academy: Year of the Chameleon

by Shannon Mayer

Release Date: May 18, 2021

The sixth book in the Shadowspell Academy Series by Shannon Mayer… Broken, bruised, and battered beyond anything else, I’ve survived what I shouldn’t have. But my day isn’t done yet. We finally have the key to stopping Frost—literally. Even if we don’t know how to use it. One last time my friends and I have to scour not only the city but the supernatural world to find the pieces of this final puzzle—and we have three days to do it.

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