New Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books For Your Fall Reading List | 2020

08 Oct 2020

New Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books For Your Fall Reading List | 2020

Have you been searching everywhere for some exciting new fantasy and sci-fi books? You won’t want to miss our latest recommendations for your fall reading list from bestselling authors Armond Boudreaux, Susan Faw, Kagan Tumer, K.A. Riley, Pernell Plath Meier, and N.L. Estrada. Happy reading!

The Way Out

by Armond Boudreaux

Release Date: September 29, 2020

“Sure to thrill fans of politically focused science fiction.” -Publishers Weekly… The world is changing thanks to a medical miracle. The artificial womb ensures the perfect health and flawless development of every unborn child. Natural pregnancy quickly becomes criminalized as a danger to both mother and fetus. Jessica Brantley is a reporter and makes new enemies every day covering both sides of the controversial new law. Her search for the truth soon leads to an unimaginable discovery.

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Heart of the Citadel Box Set

by Susan Faw

Release Date: September 23, 2020

“My favorite series by an exceptional author. The characters are well developed and one can empathize with them. She is an award winner for a reason.” The Heart of the Citadel Box Set is the new fantasy collection from bestselling author Susan Few. The set includes the first three books in the series: Heart of Destiny, Heart of Tyr, and Heart of Shadra.

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Purged Souls

by Kagan Tumer

Release Date: June 19, 2020

“A rich science fiction story set in a brutal post-apocalyptic America—a tense and thrilling debut.” The world has been devastated by a virus, violence, and dropping birthrates. Lori wants to restore order but the rage that fueled her rise from hungry teenager to Special Forces colonel has left her with few allies. When a wounded soldier goes missing from the hospital amid a cover-up, Lori reaches beyond official channels to her only friend, Mika.

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Seeker’s World Boxed Set

by K. A. Riley

Release Date: October 5, 2020

You told me you care about me. I need you to know that I care about you, too. So much that it hurts… The Seeker’s World Boxed Set includes the first three books in the popular series from bestselling author K.A. Riley. Ths new collection includes: Seeker’s World, Seeker’s Quest, and Seeker’s Fate.

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In Our Bones

by Pernell Plath Meier

Release Date: October 6, 2020

In Our Bones is a powerful and unapologetic exploration of one woman’s journey as democracy falls and authoritarianism takes hold… Lauren had a happy childhood on a farm in Minnesota. But this gets shattered after an assault during her teen years, causing her to retreat into her own world as America falls apart. Lauren gets swept up in the madness when she falls for the wrong man. She needs love and safety, but Bryan becomes distant and abusive as he obsesses over White Sharia.

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Maiden Hills

by N. L. Estrada

Release Date: August 2, 2020

Maiden Hills was once a thriving land but it now lays desolate after a deadly massacre twenty-two years ago that destroyed the village. Most of the inhabitants were killed for the unlawful practice of magic. Queen Juliana learns things are not as they seem. Her perfect world is shattered when she finds herself at the center of a battle against her own kingdom to save her people.

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