New Biography & Memoir Releases | July 2021

01 Jul 2021

New Biography & Memoir Releases | July 2021

There have been some amazing new releases in biography & memoir recently and we wanted to share some of our favorites with you. You won’t want to miss these inspiring releases on policing in America, embracing yourself, and overcoming illness from D.A. Vader, Carey Portell, Bill Bratton, Gareth Thomas, Robert S. Brams, Precious Brady-Davis, and Peter Knobler. We hope you enjoy!

Black in Blue

by D.A. Vader

Release Date: May 11, 2021

Take a peek behind the curtains of society with Officer D.A. Vader…You’ll experience his emotions as he deals with the duality of being black in one of the most challenging careers in the world. Suicides, drugs, issues with other law enforcement, attacks on officers, raising children, dealing with female inmates, and a host of other stories and situations he’s been through.

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Facing Life Head On

by Carey Portell

Release Date: April 6, 2021

Carey’s journey is compelling, humbling, and gut-wrenchingly honest…No one ever plans on being hit head-on by a drunk driver, being in unbearable physical and emotional pain, nor scheduling the necessary four years of recovery into an already super-busy family life. “I love how you didn’t view your situation as a glass-half-full or half-empty — but decided maybe what you really needed was simply a new damn glass!” Now living with long-term disabling injuries, Carey has become an expert at breaking through limitations.

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The Profession

by Bill Bratton and Peter Knobler

Release Date: June 8, 2021

The epic, transformative career of Bill Bratton, legendary police commissioner and police reformer, in Boston, Los Angeles, and New York…When Bill Bratton became a Boston street cop after his return from serving in Vietnam, he was dismayed by the corrupt old guard, and it is fair to say the old guard was dismayed by him, too. But his success fighting crime could not be denied. Propelled by extraordinary results, Bratton had a dazzling rise, and ultimately a dazzling career, becoming the most famous police commissioner of modern times. The Profession is the story of that career in full.

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Forever Optimistic

by Robert S. Brams

Release Date: June 29, 2021

Join a high-powered lawyer on his fight for life against brain cancer and his continuing efforts to remain Forever Optimistic…At age fifty-five, Robert S. Brams, a former college athlete, was in perfect health. Bob was blessed with a beautiful family, including his wife and two children. He had a circle of close friends and a hard-driving international law practice as a partner at one of the most prestigious firms in Washington, DC. But after a fateful car accident, an MRI scan revealed a shadow on his brain that suddenly shattered his carefully constructed life. Brams was diagnosed with brain cancer—one of the most overwhelming challenges a person can face. What would the future hold for Brams and his family?

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I Have Always Been Me

by Precious Brady-Davis

Release Date: July 1, 2021

A powerful memoir of independence, releasing the past and living the dream by award-winning trans advocate Precious Brady-Davis…Brady-Davis reflects on a childhood of neglect, instability, and abandonment. She reveals her determination to dream through it and shares her profound journey as a trans woman now fully actualized, absolutely confident, and precious. She speaks to anyone who has ever tried to find their place in this world and imparts the wisdom that comes with surmounting odds and celebrating on the other side.

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by Gareth Thomas

Release Date: March 4, 2021

The motivational memoir from bestselling author and sporting icon Gareth Thomas…In Stronger, Gareth shares how he has managed to deal with the adversity life has thrown at him over the years, from his school years to his most recent difficult announcement that he is living with HIV. Gareth’s incredible willingness to expose his deepest emotional frailties as a man and come through even stronger, as a result, have made him a national hero and a role model for us all. Whether he is confronting the physical challenges of an Iron Man, or the mental resilience needed to be true to who you are, or weighing the medals and trophies he’s won alongside the mistakes he’s made, Gareth is unwaveringly honest.

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