Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense Books to Read | January 2022

20 Jan 2022

Mystery, Thriller, & Suspense Books to Read | January 2022

Don’t miss out on these exciting new mystery, thriller, and suspense books that are perfect to add to your reading list this winter! Check out these new books by bestselling authors R.W.K. Clark, Annabel Chase, Lisa Gardner, Honor Raconteur, Lily Harper Hart, and Stephen Hunter. Enjoy your new mystery, thriller, and suspense books!


by R.W.K. Clark

Release Date: December 5, 2021

Melvin discovers a past buried deep inside his memories that shouldn’t be revisited. His controlling mother is determined to not let him go, and she goes to extremes to not only save his life but maintain control of it. What she doesn’t understand is that her son is not the same good boy he used to be.

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Kiss My Ash (The Bloomin’ Psychic Book 4)

by Annabel Chase

Release Date: January 13, 2022

Mia Thorne’s midlife makeover is going better than she ever expected. She has a new job, a new relationship, a new garden—well, never mind the garden. She doesn’t even mind that she’s back to pounding the pavement to generate ad revenue for the local newspaper. Unfortunately, an important meeting with the marketing director of the Newberry Playhouse generates the wrong kind of buzz when a beloved actress is found dead the day of her big performance. Can Mia solve the case and help the show go on or will the final curtain fall on the historic playhouse?

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One Step Too Far (A Frankie Elkin Novel Book 2)

by Lisa Gardner

Release Date: January 18, 2022

Timothy O’Day knew the woods. Yet when he disappeared on the first night of a bachelor party camping trip with his best friends in the world, he didn’t leave a trace. What he did leave behind were two heartbroken parents, a crew of guilt-ridden groomsmen, and a pile of clues that don’t add up.

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Death Over the Garden Wall (The Case Files of Henri Davenforth Book 7)

by Honor Raconteur

Release Date: January 14, 2022

Three modus operandi to die. Four employees, six house guests, and not a single witness. Confusing clues and no helpful leads cloud the death of Countess Giada Barese, who washed up on shore two weeks after her mysterious disappearance. Henri and Jamie have no idea if her death is a homicide, suicide, or accidental death, for nothing adds up. There is something strange going on, though, Jamie’s sure of that. The countess was found wearing mismatched slippers, her lover disappeared the next day, and everyone is acting shifty.

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Ghostly Problems (A Harper Harlow Mystery Book 20)

by Lily Harper Hart

Release Date: January 4, 2022

Harper Harlow-Monroe is settling into married life well. Her biggest problem is her best friend Zander, who is planning his own wedding. That is until a new resident comes to Harper with a poltergeist problem.

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Targeted (Bob Lee Swagger Novel Book 12)

by Stephen Hunter

Release Date: January 18, 2022

Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times bestselling author Stephen Hunter returns with a taut, white-knuckled thriller featuring master sniper Bob Lee Swagger as he protects a group of political hostages during a perilous standoff and once again proves his title of “true American literary icon” (Mark Greaney, author of Mission Critical).

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