Mystery Books For Your Summer Reading List | 2019

10 Jul 2019

Mystery Books For Your Summer Reading List | 2019

There’s nothing better than sitting at the beach and unwinding with an intriguing new mystery novel. That’s why we made this list of new mystery books that make the perfect additions to your summer reading list. It includes the latest from bestselling authors Elizabeth Buhmann, M.A. Rothman, Mark Reps, Karen MacInerney, Lawrence J. Epstein, and Christer Tholin. Enjoy your new books!

Blue Lake

by Elizabeth Buhmann

Release Date: May 30, 2019

In 1945, Alice Hannon found the lifeless body of her five-year-old daughter floating in Blue Lake. More than twenty years later, her youngest daughter, Regina, has returned home after a long estrangement. She is shocked to uncover that her sister’s drowning was briefly investigated as a murder. Now she is determined to uncover the truth so she can mend the rift in her life.

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The Inside Man

by M.A Rothman

Release Date: April 4, 2019

Levi Yoder is a fixer for the New York Mafia. He solves problems and is a man whose code puts loyalty above all else. But what makes him different is that he has a conscience. He is an angel in wolf’s clothing. This second book in the series sees Levi being falsely accused of several crimes. So the FBI makes him an offer he can’t refuse: use his mob connections to investigate the murder of several undercover agents.

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Native Trouble

by Mark Reps

Release Date: February 17, 2019

The ninth book in the bestselling Zeb Hanks: Small Town Sheriff Big Time Trouble series… Sheriff Zeb Hanks has just announced his bid for re-election and that he’s getting married. But then all hell breaks loose. A crime wave has hit Graham County. Zeb is knocked off his game as it seems the crimes are directed at him. To make things even more difficult, his fianc√© Echo Skysong has now become a target as well.

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Scone Cold Dead

by Karen MacInerney

Release Date: June 30, 2019

Natalie Barnes is living her dream life as an innkeeper. She spends her days creating delicious scone recipes and relishing cool summer days on Cranberry Island, Maine. That was until she found a dead body under one of the blueberry bushes. Is the murderer one of the guests or someone closer to home?

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The Hunted Girl

by Lawrence J. Epstein

Release Date: June 24, 2019

Six-year-old Jennifer has just witnessed her parents murder. And the murderer saw her. Saved by the sound of sirens she ran to her neighbor for help. She was hurt and Danny Ryle gave her what she believed was a magical band-aid. Impressed by the girl’s intelligence and kindness, Danny and his friends promise to keep her safe and track down the killer. But their search leads to a shocking discovery.

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by Christer Tholin

Release Date: January 9, 2019

The third book in the popular Stockholm Sleuth Series by Christer Tholin… Christina has a perfect life, but it all comes crashing down when her husband, Patrik, disappears from their home in Stockholm. She desperately searches for him for six weeks but they find nothing. At her wit’s end, Christina enlists the help of local sleuths Lars and Elin. The investigation leads them to the wooded wilds of northern Sweden, where they find his dead body. The police rule it as an accident, but Christina thinks otherwise.

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