Must-Read Romance Novels | March 2020

26 Mar 2020

Must-Read Romance Novels | March 2020

Romance lovers have been in luck this month with so many fantastic new love stories to dive into. No matter what type of romance you fancy, we think we’ve found a little of something for everyone with this list. Enjoy the latest from bestselling authors Mia Heintzelman, J.A. Owenby, Jessica Grayson, Willow Winters, Christi Caldwell, and J.R. Ward. Happy reading!

Mixed Match

by Mia Heintzelman

The second book in The All Mixed Up Series by bestselling author Mia Heintzelman… She used to be a badass knife-wielding chef, but nowadays, Sophia Kent is lucky if she can remember to put on a bra. After she moves to Portland and unpacks her things, she is happy there’s only one name on the title. Unfortunately, she’s greeted by a gorgeous messenger at the door with a document claiming she’s not the rightful owner.

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The Essence of You

by J.A. Owenby

Everything in my life was heading in the right direction. I had good friends, a good school, and a bright future ahead of me. That was until… One night. One Look. One guy. Just like that my nightmare and everything I was trying to forget comes roaring back. Layne Garrison was the bully who made my life hell in high school. Now he is here at the same college and I can’t shake him.

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The Edge of it All

by Jessica Grayson

The first book in the Mosauran series by bestselling author Jessica Grayson… I am a commander in the Terran Space Program. I never expected that I would wake up from cryosleep in a cage. I am grateful when a Mosauran dragon warrior rescues me… but I’m also wary. Soran is a Prince of the Empire. His species if one of the most feared in the galaxy. As we spend more time together I can’t help but feel myself being drawn to him in ways I don’t understand.

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Easy to Fall

by Willow Winters

The fourth book in the Hard to Love series by USA Today Bestselling Author Willow Winters… I was always on the highest high when I was with her. That’s why it was so easy to fall. Without her, I didn’t stand a chance. We were made for one another. The world kept trying to rip us apart but it failed. Until this. But I won’t stop fighting. Not until the very end.

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In Bed with the Earl

by Christi Caldwell

The first book in the Lost Lords of London series by Christi Caldwell… Willful reporter Verity Lovelace will stop at nothing to solve a mystery that’s become the talk of the ton. No clues run too deep for her, not even in the sewers of Lonon. That’s where she meets the happily self-sufficient scavenger Malcom North. It just so happens he is the lost heir to the Earl of Maxwell. Now that she has made Malcom front-page news, what will he make of her?

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The Sinner

by J.R. Ward

The 18th book in The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by New York Times Bestselling author J.R. Ward… Syn has been keeping secrets from the Black Dagger Brotherhood. He has a side hustle as a mercenary. When he takes another hit job, he not only crosses the path of a new enemy, but also that of a half-breed that may die during her transition.

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