Must-Read Romance Books | November 2020

11 Nov 2020

Must-Read Romance Books | November 2020

Need some new love stories for your romance reading list? We’ve organized a new list of some of our must-read romance books for November. Don’t miss these latest releases from bestselling authors Linda West, Susan Rossini, Anne Shaw, Brittainy Cherry, Melanie Harlow, Emma Scott, Helena Hunting, Lauren Landish, Vi Keeland, and Penelope Ward. Happy reading!

A Real Royal Christmess

by Linda West

Release Date: October 6, 2020

“Adorable and delightful I loved every minute of it.” “A page-turning perfect sweet Christmas romance set in a sweet small town!”… Jess is trying to win back her boyfriend, who dumped her for being boring. Jamie is trying to complete his father’s bucket list before he takes the Crown. Both of them are hiding who they truly are, and when the truth is discovered, it’s a real royal Christmess!

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by Susan Rossini

Release Date: October 13, 2020

The first book in the Colorado Crush Hockey Series by Susan Rossini… I’m poised to set the NHL on fire. A rookie that took advantage of an opportunity to shine on the ice during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I am ready to prove my value on the top line of the Colorado Crush at training camp later this summer and beyond. What I’m not ready to do is be ‘that guy’ who is attracted to the girlfriend of the captain of the Crush.

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Silver Bells

by Anne Shaw

Release Date: October 12, 2020

“This book was such a fun, exciting, spirited, adorable, hopeful, and delicious holiday-themed treat!” Could the sick little girl in need of a bone marrow transplant be the daughter she gave up for adoption? To become close to the girl without revealing her identity, she develops a plan to cast the girl’s uncle as a contestant on a live Christmas Eve cooking show. A television cooking competition was never in Niko’s plans, but when his sick niece expresses her wish for him to compete on the show, he reluctantly agrees.

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Take the Chance

by Brittainy Cherry, Melanie Harlow, Emma Scott, and Helena Hunting

Release Date: November 1, 2020

“A yummy collection of stories from some top notch authors!” Take the Chance is a collection of four romances, you’ll be glad you devoured. Over 800 pages and four standalone novels that readers can’t stop talking about. The four novels included are: The Gravity of Us by Brittainy Cherry, After We Fall by Melanie Harlow, Forever Right Now by Emma Scott, and Pucked Love by Helena Hunting.

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My Big Fat Fake Honeymoon

by Lauren Landish

Release Date: October 25, 2020

This high-profile wedding gig comes with a dreamy week in paradise. The sun, sand, and sea will make the hard work worth it. Or so I thought until that dream becomes a nightmare. When an old nemesis shows up, my mouth gets me in trouble, and suddenly, I’m pretending to be on my honeymoon. My “groom” is even worse. Lorenzo Toscani. The love ‘em and leave ‘em bad boy chef I’ve been warned about steps in to save the day.

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The Christmas Pact

by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

Release Date: November 1, 2020

Riley Kennedy’s emails keep getting crossed with her male colleague, Kennedy Riley. The infuriating man forwards them along with his annoying commentary and unsolicited advice. At least she never has to see him in person, since they work in different locations…until they come face to face at the office holiday party. As luck would have it, Kennedy turns out to be outrageously handsome…though still a jerk. Yet somehow he’s able to charm her out on the dance floor

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