Must-Read Mystery and Thriller Novels | July 2020

02 Jul 2020

Must-Read Mystery and Thriller Novels | July 2020

On the lookout for some new books for your mystery and thriller library? Look no further than our recommendations for the must-read mystery and thriller novels of July! Check out the latest from bestselling authors Brian J. Purcell, Romona Simon, Jules Adrienn, Steven F. Freeman, B.A. Paris, and Anne Frasier. Happy reading!

The Divination of Celia Connolly

by Brian J. Purcell

Celia Connolly is a private investigator in Southern California that uses magic to investigate mysteries. When she is approached by a man about his son being locked away for a crime he didn’t commit, Celia dives into the case. She soon discovers that this investigation intersects with the slaying of her former partner and it may be linked to a serial killer. The only way she’ll uncover the truth is to use a new spell she created… Divination.

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Her Eyes Underwater

by Romona Simon

After a chance encounter at a café, university student Julia Strauss meets a captivating man. She finds herself instantly attracted to the handsome stranger and starts to pursue him obsessively. But she has no idea that behind the charm he has a secret agenda. Will Julia see past her infatuation before she becomes his next victim?

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Two Days to Die

by Jules Adrienn

Detective Gabriel Emory has smarts, muscles, and survivalist skills. He also has the gorgeous detective Anita Wolfe flying with him to an all-expenses-paid island vacation. But soon they discover it is all a game organized by an escaped convict set to punish those who put him in prison. Gabriel must use his skills to survive a dangerous race through the wilderness. How can he save himself and Anita when the contest can only have one winner?

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by Steven F. Freeman

The ocean floor is shifting deep in the Atlantic. It has been changing in ways unseen for millions of years. The tectonic movement launches a pair of tsunamis on North America’s East Coast. It kills thousands and floods Washington, D.C. A team of scientists fears that there will be another disaster. As they try and convince the skeptical authorities, the likelihood of a more powerful event grows.

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The Dilemma

by B. A. Paris

The new novel from the New York Times Bestselling Author of Behind Closed Doors… It is Livia’s 40th birthday and she is being thrown the party of a lifetime by her husband, Adam. He wanted to make up for the wedding they never had. Everyone she loves will be there… except her daughter Marnie, who is studying abroad. Livia is secretly glad she won’t be there because she recently discovered a secret about her that if revealed, will shake the foundation of the family to its core.

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Find Me

by Anne Frasier

The first book in the Inland Empire Series by New York Times Bestselling Author Anne Frasier… Convicted serial killer Benjamin Fisher has finally agreed to show San Bernardino detective Daniel Ellis to the isolate graves of his victims. There is just one catch: he will only do it if his estranged daughter, FBI profiler Reni Fisher, accompanies them. Despite a traumatic childhood, Reni can’t decline because she still feels complicit in her father’s crimes.

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