Must-Read Memoir Books | July 2020

23 Jul 2020

Must-Read Memoir Books | July 2020

Want to learn something new? Looking to experience life through a different set of eyes? You’ll love our latest must-read memoir book recommendations from bestselling authors Dre Carlan, Alexander Münninghoff, Alex Trebek, Patricia Heaton, Kirkland Hamill, and Oliver Stone. Enjoy your new books!

A Mother’s Tears

by Dre Carlan

The new memoir by author Dre Carlan… A Mother’s Tears explores the relationship between perseverance, disease, and never-ending determination. It follows a woman brought up under communist rule and eventually escapes. It is a heart-wrenching journey down the corridors of cancer, drugs, alcohol, and loneliness as a mother tries anything she can to make sure that both she and her son live to fight their own personal battles another day.

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The Son and Heir

by Alexander Münninghoff

Prize-winning Dutch journalist, Alexander Münninghoff, was only four when he discovered that his father wore a Nazi uniform. He found this mortifying relic from his father’s past in his attic. The shameful memento came to symbolize not only his father’s misguided allegiance but also a shattered marriage and the separation of a mother and son.

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The Answer Is…

by Alex Trebek

The Answer Is… is a new memoir from longtime Jeopardy! host and television icon Alex Trebek. Since his debut as the host of the popular TV show in 1984, Trebek has been a family member to millions of television viewers and was welcomed into homes five nights a week. Last year he made a startling announcement… that he had been diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer.

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Your Second Act

by Patricia Heaton

Your Second Act is the new memoir from beloved television actress Patricia Heaton. She is recognized as one of TV’s most recognizable moms and knows what it’s like to stage a second act and navigate pivotal transitions in life. Filled with light-hearted anecdotes and pragmatic steps, Heaton’s new book is designed to help you discover your own path.

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Filthy Beasts

by Kirkland Hamill

Wendy Hamill would shout “Wake up, you filthy beasts!” every morning to her children before school. Kirk and his two brothers would be startled from their dreams and always wonder if they would find enough food in the house for breakfast… Filthy Beasts lets readers into a world of extreme privilege and tells a powerful story of self-acceptance.

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Chasing the Light

by Oliver Stone

An intimate memoir from oscar-winning director and screenwriter Oliver Stone… Before he found success with Platoon in 1986, Stone had been wounded as an infantryman in Vietnam. He then spent years writing unproduced scripts while driving taxis in New York. Then he eventually ventured west to Los Angeles to start a new life. Now 73, Stone recounts his formative years.

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