Must-Read Fantasy & Science Fiction Books | May 2020

07 May 2020

Must-Read Fantasy & Science Fiction Books | May 2020

Are you ready to embark on some amazing new adventures? You’ll definitely find some new favorites among our list of new release fantasy and science fiction books. Don’t miss new novels by A.L. Hawke, Nowick Gray, Byrd Nash, Martha Wells, C.J. Archer, and Neal Asher. Enjoy!


by A.L. Hawke

I didn’t believe in witches… that was until I enrolled in Dr. Alondra Johansen’s metaphysical history class. My name is Cadence Hawthorne, but you can call me Katie. Darkness fell over me and my family in my sophomore year. I thought Alondra could help me with my grief and visions of ghosts. But there was this guy working with her. Someone that looked like more like the devil than a professor. He did terrible things to my friend and threatens my growing love for Bryce, Alondri’s teaching assistant.

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by Nowick Gray

A spin under the new VR headgear sends programmer Joe Norton into an AI game of tough love, mind control, and true choices. Now Norton’s relationships, career, and sanity are at stake. He must finish a mission… but his gifted scope rifle came with no instructions, no target or source, and a single bullet. Stuck between worlds with a menu of bad choices, he must find his way to the “home brain” and beat the rogue cybervirus at its own game.

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A Study in Spirits

by Byrd Nash

The second book in A College Fae Magic Series by Byrd Nash… Brigit has been accused of vandalism and stealing test answers. Now she must find the guilty party to stay at Leopold Otto University. To make things worse, her Fairy Debt to a Doppelganger means she must discover the secret of what’s prowling the abbey library. The monster is destroying the books she loves and Brigit is determined to stop it.

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Network Effect

by Martha Wells

The fifth book in The Murderbot Diaries series by New York Times Bestselling Author Martha Wells… When Murderbot’s human associates (not friends) have been captured and another not-friend from its past requires immediate assistance, Murderbot must make a decision between inertia and drastic action.

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The Prison of Buried Hopes

by C.J. Archer

The fifth book in the After The Rift Series by USA Today Bestselling Author C.J. Archer… On their adventure south to Freedland, Josie, Dane, and their friends have a feeling that someone is following them. Their best move is to hide in the twin cities of Merrin Fahl. But they soon get recognized by strangers.

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The Human

by Neal Asher

The third book in the Rise of Jain series by bestselling author Neal Asher… Rising from the depths of space, a Jain warship has emerged with a deadly grudge and a wealth of ancient and lethal technology. It is trying to hunt down the alien Client and annihilate anything that stands in its way.

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