Literary Fiction Novels For Your Winter Reading List | 2020

10 Dec 2020

Literary Fiction Novels For Your Winter Reading List | 2020

Are you ready to add some enthralling new literary fiction novels to your winter reading list? No need to search everywhere, because we’ve made a list of some of our favorite new releases! Check out the latest from bestselling authors Meredith Allard, Neil Perry Gordon, Michael McGinnis, Catherine Ryan Hyde, Ellie Midwood, and Greer Macallister. Happy reading!

Christmas at Hembry Castle

by Meredith Allard

Release Date: November 27, 2020

You are cordially invited to Christmas at Hembry Castle. An unlikely earl struggles with his new place. A young couple’s love is tested. What is a meddling ghost to do? In the tradition of A Christmas Carol, travel back to Victorian England and enjoy a lighthearted, festive holiday celebration.

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Sadie’s Sin

by Neil Perry Gordon

Release Date: November 8, 2020

Sadie Wollman, a young Jewess in 1924 Warsaw, Poland, has fallen in love with the handsome university professor—Alexander Kaminski. But when her traditional parents learn about this possible unholy matrimony to a gentile, they hastily arrange a brokered marriage to a wealthy Argentine Jewish businessman—Ezra Porkevitch. Believing they sent their daughter off to a glamorous life of wealth and luxury, this young woman instead faces a new reality of becoming a Polaca, a sex slave to the Zwi Migdal.

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The Essential Revolution

by Michael McGinnis

Release Date: November 6, 2020

The voice of the awakened warrior will be heard by all, and he will be known as The One. For Marcus Ogabi, policing is life, though life hasn’t been that great lately. While on a call, he ends up shooting a young man, Dimitri Tanomeo, in the roughest part of town. What he never imagined was that this poor, mute, street kid could change his life, and maybe even the world. Over time, Marcus ends up joining Dimitri and Zach Markland, a technological wunderkind and son of one of the world’s richest men, as they spread a new consciousness jump-starting a dynamic global revolution.

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My Name is Anton

by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Release Date: December 1, 2020

The new novel from New York Times Bestselling Author Catherine Ryan Hyde… It’s 1965, and life has taken a turn for eighteen-year-old Anton Addison-Rice. Nearly a year after his brother died in a tragic accident, Anton is still wounded—physically and emotionally. Alone for the holidays, he catches a glimpse of his neighbor Edith across the street one evening and realizes that she’s in danger.

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The Violinist of Auschwitz

by Ellie Midwood

Release Date: November 18, 2020

In Auschwitz, every day is a fight for survival. Alma is inmate 50381, the number tattooed on her skin in pale blue ink. She is cooped up with thousands of others, torn from loved ones, trapped in a maze of barbed wire. Every day people disappear, never to be seen again. This tragic reality couldn’t be further from Alma’s previous life. An esteemed violinist, her performances left her audiences spellbound. But when the Nazis descend on Europe, none of that can save her…

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The Arctic Fury

by Greer Macallister

Release Date: December 1, 2020

Eccentric Lady Jane Franklin makes an outlandish offer to adventurer Virginia Reeve: take a dozen women, trek into the Arctic, and find her husband’s lost expedition. Four parties have failed to find him, and Lady Franklin wants a radical new approach: put the women in charge. A year later, Virginia stands trial for murder. Survivors of the expedition willing to publicly support her sit in the front row. There are only five. What happened out there on the ice?

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