Kimberly Readnour Discusses Behind the Count

05 May 2020

By Kimberly Readnour

Who’s ready for some baseball? Man, I know I sure am. I’ve been a baseball fan my entire life and this pause is really making me miss it. Outside of the strike of ‘94, I’ve never gone this long without watching those men batter up. Thank goodness I have imaginary teammates keeping me preoccupied!

In Behind the Count, we head back to Cessna U for Noah and Shannon’s story. What better way than to dive into a best friend’s sister/ brother’s best friend romance. Throw in the fact they’ve been friends practically their entire life with a touch of forbidden and you have, what one reviewer called, a triple play.

Yeah, I had to go there with the baseball analogy. Did I mention how I’m missing baseball? Yeah? Okay then. 🙂

While writing the first book in the series, I couldn’t wait to tackle Noah and Shannon’s story. Their emotional wounds kept pulling at my heartstrings. Not only do they need to grow as a couple, but they have inner demons to navigate before truly becoming a couple.

But, wow, do these two complement each other. I can’t wait until you read their journey as one reviewer deemed “full of regrets, drama, heartache, and heat.” As the title suggests, Noah truly does start Behind the Count. But I hope by the end your heart is full and your baseball needs satisfied. As much as they can be.

Noah and Shannon’s journey is a sweet one. I hope you enjoy this latest addition to the series as much as me.

Happy reading and stay safe!

Kimberly Readnour is the author of the new book Behind the Count.

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