3 Reasons to Read Janet Evanovich Books

25 Jun 2015

When I was a teenager, I remember falling out of my chair, startled, because my aunt Rebecca started howling with laughter (seemingly randomly). She is not a quiet woman. The culprit for her cackle was the latest Janet Evanovich book, packed with screwball antics and offbeat characters.

As one amazon reviewer notes, Janet Evanovich’s books are “ridiculous(ly awesome).” Well put.

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Three Reasons You Should Read Janet Evanovich Books


1. Her books are hilarious.

There’s a reason Aunt Rebecca’s laughs were more akin to cackles than chuckles. Janet Evanovich has comedic timing down to an art. Her dialogue is snappy and witty, and the bizarre quotes that come out of her characters’ mouths are, well, quotable. Here are a few of my personal favorites:




2. Her books are liked by virtually everyone.

Janet Evanovich’s books are like that one gal at a party who makes everyone laugh, puts a smile on the face of the most curmudgeonly person, and leaves a lovely impression on everyone in the room. Everyone from my teenage godsister to my dad’s best friend gets a kick out of Janet Evanovich’s books. Picking up a new Evanovich is hardly a risk. You’ll almost certainly like it.

3. You don’t have to say goodbye to her characters.

Most of Janet Evanovich’s books are part of a series. If you start One for the Money or Wicked Business, you don’t have to suffer through a book hangover at the end. Just pick up the next book and dive back into the screwball world of Evanovich.

0553392719 cover image
Publication Date: June 23, 2015

Lucky for you (and me, let’s be honest here), there’s a new Janet Evanovich book out this week. It’s called Wicked Charms, and is part of the Lizzy & Diesel series. Want to win Janet Evanovich’s new book? Enter here.

It’s a modern take on a treasure-hunting pirate adventure, starring Lizzy Tucker and Diesel, her partner. Lizzy and Diesel are entirely normal, except for the fact that they’ve been enlisted to find an incredible bounty of treasure off the coast of New England.
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