Interview with Tasmin Turner, Author of The Price of Justice

12 Jul 2023

What’s the story behind the story? What inspired you to write The Price of Justice, the second book in your Crime Scene Kosovo series?

The catalyst for writing “The Price of Justice” was my tenure at an international organization in Kosovo from 2013 to 2019. Immersed in an environment rich in cultural diversity, the stark contrast to my New Zealand roots and the resilient spirit of the Kosovar people deeply touched me.

The book is set in a fictionalized version of Kosovo, supported by various international organizations in the early 2000s. To maintain neutrality, I conceived a fictional entity called the Organization for International Development and Coordination. Drawing on my extensive background in law and international policy, I chose to blend my fascination with these fields, weaving a narrative that explores the complexities of justice and peacekeeping.

My protagonist, Caitlin “Kit” Chase, is a daring young lawyer from New Zealand who is thrown into the heart of Kosovo. Through her eyes, readers will experience the gritty realities of a society rebuilding itself. While the settings are inspired by my experiences, the characters and events are purely fictional, reflecting the wide spectrum of human nature against the backdrop of a hybrid legal system.

This book, part of a trilogy, hopes to not only entertain but also inspire readers. The first book, “The Missing Diary,” sets the stage, and the third book, “Explosive Reprisals,” is underway, with a potential fourth book being considered.

Quite a few lawyers turn to writing. The intersection of law and writing is a fascinating one. Many lawyers, both practicing and retired, often find themselves drawn to the world of storytelling, thanks to their innate drive and ambition, characteristic of type A personalities. The law profession isn’t merely about arguing cases but involves a significant amount of storytelling. Lawyers shape real-life facts into compelling narratives, with writing being a crucial component of their profession.

This profession exposes them to a wide range of human behaviors under stress. This understanding makes for compelling character development in their writings. However, it’s worth noting that these characters aren’t necessarily based on real-life individuals, but rather, are drawn from a lawyer’s understanding of people and their reactions to various situations. While some might argue that writing offers an escape from the rigors of legal practice, it’s more about the transferable skills and insights gained from the profession that lend themselves naturally to the art of storytelling.

What theme songs best capture the essence of your main characters from the Crime Scene Kosovo series? 

For Kit Chase, Christina Aguilera’s “What A Girl Wants” encapsulates her journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Sergei Sokolov, the enigmatic Russian intelligence officer, is best represented by Coldplay’s “Viva La Vida,” capturing the themes of power, ambition, and a dramatic fall from grace that echo his complex personality.

Do your favorite genres to read align with your preferred genres to write?

Indeed, they do. I enjoy delving into the mystery and crime detection genres, often woven with elements of romance and supernatural themes. This unique blend of genres allows for rich, diverse narratives that keep readers intrigued and invested.

What’s on your reading list currently?

Currently, my reading preferences showcase an eclectic mix of genres. On my reading list, you’ll find titles like “Wanderlust,” a contemporary romance by Lauren Blakely, and “To Dream of the Dead,” a supernatural crime thriller by Phil Rickman. I’m also exploring historical romance with Amanda Quick’s “The Bride Wore White.” Moreover, I’m relishing the audible original “Murder in Bermuda” by James Patterson, Aaron Tracy, and Thaddeus McCants, a thrilling experience that engages the senses in a different way.

What scene from your book did you enjoy writing the most?

I particularly enjoyed writing the scenes where Kit learns the strategic importance of computer hacking and conquering her fears to solve her case, with results that lead her to deeply question her own values.

Do you have any unique writing habits?

Indeed, I do. I love writing amidst the chaos of my office, surrounded by multiple computer screens and my cherished crystal collection. For scenes that require emotional depth, especially romantic ones, I often play appropriate background music to set the mood.

What life philosophy do you abide by?

My guiding philosophy is “Per aspera ad astra” – “Through hardships to the stars.” This quote encapsulates my belief in the transformative power of perseverance and hard work, fueling my passionate approach to life and learning.

What’s the key message you want readers to take away from your book?

My central message to readers is the power of self-belief and commitment. I hope readers will be inspired by the narrative to embrace their inner strength, recognizing that with perseverance, they can surmount any obstacle and realize their dreams. Don’t be afraid to live life to the fullest!


Tasmin Turner is the author of the new book The Price of Justice

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