Interview with Tanya Jean Steeves, Author of Bear It All: The Tanya Jean Story

03 Apr 2024

What’s the story behind the story? What inspired you to write Bear It All: The Tanya Jean Story?

I wanted to give others hope that they too can live their life for them, as I am now doing. I wanted to encourage them to pursue the path that they choose and that it does not matter what others think about it. I believe that an individual should never be afraid to show and be, who they truly are, at their core. Always live life to the fullest, do it big, and do it on your own terms.

If you had to pick theme songs for the main characters of Bear It All: The Tanya Jean Story, what would they be?

“Landing in London” by Three Doors Down. “Me Against the Mountain” by Ian Munsick. “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues” by Elton John.

What’s your favorite genre to read? Is it the same as your favorite genre to write?

I like to read self-help books and true stories. Sometimes I like to read fantasy or fiction books based on surviving the unknown.

What scene in your book was your favorite to write?

It’s hard to pick just one. I would say that my favorite would be when Derek and I went to Cape Breton Island and I was able to walk on the beach and out into the water with his help, for the first time after learning to walk again. It felt like the waves were rushing up to meet my feet as I stepped out to greet them. I had a feeling of sheer joy and knew at that moment that I could do anything I set my mind to. It was then, that I truly felt I knew what was most important in my life and what I would focus on moving forward.

Do you have any quirky writing habits? (lucky mugs, cats on laps, etc.)

I like to write in silence, with a view of our beautiful homestead, surrounded by my animal friends and my favorite mug, full of hot tea.

Do you have a motto, quote, or philosophy you live by?

Live Life Free!

If you could choose one thing for readers to remember after reading your book, what would it be?

Always be true to yourself and never let others dictate how you live your life. Work hard at carving out your own path and be the best that you can be. True peace comes from within, never give up. You determine your own fate.


Tanya Jean Steeves is the author of the new book Bear It All: The Tanya Jean Story

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