Interview with Sosie Frost, author of Babyjacked

29 Jan 2018

What can you tell us about your new release, Babyjacked?

Babyjacked is the first book in my brand new romantic comedy series. I’m super excited about this one—I’ve never been able to really hunker down and write about one family before. The Payne brothers are…well, they’re what you expected from a bunch of hunky, alpha, cocky men all forced back into their childhood home. They’re in a bit of trouble, as is their family’s farm. With the men at each other’s throats, it’s up to the sweet, sassy, and stubborn women of their small town to wrangle these feuding brothers. Healing one broken relationship one romantic comedy at a time.

Each book should be so much fun. I can’t wait to share them!

What’s the last book you read?

The Rebound by Winter Renshaw! I love everything she writes, and that book is every bit as heart-wrenching and lovely as her others.

Who is your favorite couple from literature?

Scarlett O’Hara and her attitude, lol! I absolutely love Scarlett. Though she tends to be selfish and cut-throat, she wasn’t always completely obsessed with the men she loved—Ashley and Rhett. Her first love was her farm, Tara. She did whatever she could to protect her land/farm/family, but she just couldn’t protect her heart. And the book is even better than the movie!

What or who inspired you to become an author?

I’ve always wanted to write. Just something I’ve been doing since I was a kid. After college, I did do other jobs—even became the finance manager for a local township. But even that was good for the writing—in my next book, Boyfrienemy, I’m going to be peppering in all the craziness and insanity I experienced while in local government. It’ll be fantastic.

BAM. You’re a superhero. What’s your superpower?

Stopping time. I need more hours in my day to write! I also need the power of caffeine so I can stay energized to take advantage of all that time.

How do you like to spend a rainy day?

Writing. There is nothing better than rain or snow on a writing day. I always feel guilty staying inside when it’s bright, sunny, and warm. If the rest of the world is dreary, I can hide-away, guilt-free. Fun fact: Should the day turn stormy, all bets are off. One of my top three fears—Tornados.

What scene in Babyjacked was your favorite to write?

I giggled all the way through the scene when Cassi got her booty stuck in the tire swing. Just seemed like something I would do in real-life.

Do you have a motto, quote or philosophy you live by?

When a book is finished, I get sushi. Not necessarily a motto or quote, but it’s definitely good inspiration.

Sosie Frost is the author of the new book Babyjacked

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