Interview with Sidney Halston, author of Pull Me Close

27 Oct 2016

What can you tell us about your new release, Pull Me Close?
It’s about Katherine who is struggling with anxiety and hasn’t left her home in a long time. She thinks she’ll be okay to attend her sister’s engagement party but fails, passing out in the middle of the club. Enter, Nico, the owner of Panic Club. He thinks she’s just another woman who is OD’ing at his club and has zero empathy towards her. I think what makes the story interesting and different is the events that led her to become so scared of everything and also there is a smallish twist toward the end that makes this story very current (I’m trying not to give too much away). But, like my other books, PULL ME CLOSE is still very sexy. And, unlike my other books, it is heavier and will definitely leave you with the feels.

You can read a little more about my inspiration for Katherine over on Red Feather Romance.

What’s the last book you read?
Playboy Pilot by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland

What’s on your writing desk?
Ha! I don’t have a desk. I write on my comfy chair with the laptop on my lap or I go to Starbucks. But on my ‘metaphorical” desk there’s always coffee.

Where is your happy place? Why does it bring you joy?
My house. I know, I know. BORING. But being at home is the most relaxing place for me to be.. I guess it’s the familiarity and comfort of being home and having my husband and kids close by, even if they are the opposite of conducive to keeping a writing schedule.

If you had an extra hour each day, how would you spend it?

What scene in Pull Me Close was your favorite to write?
I really loved writing the scene where they were on a date at her house. They didn’t leave but the dancing, the song, the words he said to her— I thought it was so sweet and sensual all at once.

Do you have a motto, quote or philosophy you live by?
JUST DO IT. When people say—Oh, I want to do XYZ, I always say—Okay, so, just do it. If you really want to do something, there aren’t many obstacles you can’t overcome. The thing is, most of us find it hard to start that “thing” we want to do. Or we get stuck in our head with worry and excuses or fear of failure. Every Monday morning I tell myself I’m going to start dieting. And I do. Unfortunately, I fail by Monday afternoon. (But one day, I’ll succeed)

Sidney Halston is the author of the new book Pull Me Close

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