Interview with Normandie Alleman, author of Royal Wrecker

02 Apr 2019

What can you tell us about your new release, Royal Wrecker?

Royal Wrecker is the fourth book in my series about a famous reality TV show family. Each book tells the love story of one of the family members. They are stand alone novels that don’t need to be read in order. Royal Wrecker is about the rock star brother. After one of his concerts he hooks up with a young woman he thinks is a groupie, but it turns out she’s a princess in disguise. The whole thing blows up, and to avoid an international incident they are forced to get married.

What’s your favorite thing about writing?

The idea stage is my favorite part. I’m really a big picture person, so I enjoy the creation part the most. Then I love getting the words onto the page. The details like fixing commas at the end—not so much.

What scene in Royal Wrecker was your favorite to write?

Definitely the steamy scene that takes place in Iceland where Leo and Honore are on their honeymoon. He shares a life-altering secret with her under the Northern Lights. It takes place in this bubble hotel that is based on a real world transparent tent where you can comfortably stay out in the middle of the snowy woods and watch nature’s light show in the sky above.

What is a typical day like for you?

I take my kids to school, then sometimes I go for a walk and listen to a book or podcast for about an hour. When I get home, I eat breakfast and do administrative stuff on the computer. I usually watch TV in the background while I do that.

After lunch I get to work writing new words or editing, depending on the project. Then late afternoon is when I proof audiobooks or go over projects with co-authors.

My kids take the bus home, and I spend some time with them once they get home. After I feed everyone dinner, I either get back to writing words if I’m on a deadline, or if not, I work on marketing tasks.

My husband travels a lot so when he’s home, I frequently drop all non-essential work to do things with him. Our “weekends” happen at random times based on his work schedule, and since mine is flexible, we do things like take a trip to New Orleans in the middle of the week. I love that my writing life gives me the flexibility to do that.

Normandie Alleman is the author of the new book Royal Wrecker

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