Interview with Nina Atwood, Author of Free Fall

23 Feb 2021

What can you tell us about your new release, Free Fall?

I’m super excited about it because it’s my first psychological thriller! It was inspired by a woman I personally know really well, who built and sold a great business and made a lot of money. Her story is NOT Hannah Lee’s, but what I fantasized about was this question: what if you sold a business for a lot of money and someone was paying attention, someone who did not have your best interests at heart? What if that someone found a way into your life with your money as his/her prize?

What books are currently on your night stand?

Right now I’m enraptured by Beatriz Williams’ Schuler Sisters series… historical fiction at its best! I’m so impressed by authors who can do the extensive research necessary for this genre. Not being a history buff, I doubt I’ll dabble in it as an author but I love reading it!

What advice would you give your teenage self?

Be more observant, capture your observations, and have the confidence to write in small bits and pieces, even if a coherent story isn’t possible yet. Be bold as a budding author. Most of all, believe in yourself.

If you had an extra hour each day, how would you spend it?

Is this a trick question? Of course, I would spend it writing! I truly love the art and the craft of writing… my biggest challenge is finding time since I still have a significant “day job.”

What makes your world go round? Why does it bring you joy?

My relationships – husband, Mom, amazing colleagues, and a handful of BFFs who understand and accept me, not always an easy task I’m sure! Second, my work, because my clients are all amazing people who work hard to provide jobs for others, often at the expense of their own personal pursuits. So, in nutshell, it’s the wonderful people whom I have the privilege to know, love, work with, and understand at a deep level. The joy is in the connections, the shared stories, the shared life events, the compassion, the love, the shared heartaches, and ultimately, the sense of purpose. It’s why we are here – to connect with others and to make a difference whenever possible.

What scene from Free Fall was your favorite to write?

The climactic scene. All the significant players are in one place at the same time, and all the building drama throughout the story explodes in a way that… no spoilers here, but let’s say that scene answers all the readers’ questions. It was intense writing it, for sure!!

What inspires you as an author?

The messiness of life! I’ve found people endlessly fascinating for my entire life. I remember observing the people around me as early as grade school, noticing what they said, what they did, and the irrationality of how they lived their lives. I realized early in life that if there is one overriding life principle for human beings, it is this: it’s complicated! I began writing fiction because I realized I had this very stuffed full mental file cabinet of people’s complicated stories, and many of them were my own, that I thought could be woven together in interesting plots that readers might enjoy. Ultimately, I am most inspired by the perseverance of heartfelt, courageous people to overcome life’s endless challenges, so I always endeavor to weave in those kinds of elements.


Nina Atwood is the author of the new book Free Fall

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