Interview with Michael Lynes, author of Destroyer’s Blood

10 Dec 2018

What can you tell us about your new release, Destroyer’s Blood?

What can I say…it’s my new baby! I think it’s a nice story, the first of a planned trilogy, and a natural outgrowth of the characters we first met in the short story/novella prequel, “It’s in the Blood”.

In this full-length novel, Destroyer’s Blood, our MC hero Dev (short for Devcalion) and his companion/conscience/protector ‘Tray (short for Betrayer) are taking a well-deserved break, hiking together in the wilderness and trying to re-establish their relationship which had been transformed at the conclusion of their conflict with Zeus and Hera on Mount Kazbek. Tray now has access to her second level of abilities, including the ability for full telepathic speech. No longer confined to song or vibration, her sassy personality emerges along with her ability to express her feelings and emotions. She and Dev have to figure out how to integrate all the changes that have happened to them. The growth of their relationship is a central theme in Destroyer’s Blood. There’s plenty of great action too! The villains are bigger and the monsters are badder…woo hoo! It’s a fun story!!

What or who inspired you to become an author?

Great question! I would have to say it was three things. My mom, first of all, is a great writer. She also read to us, (I am the oldest of five kids), and introduced us all to stories, both classics and more popular works, at an early age. Secondly – I read a LOT of great authors, especially those in the sci-fi genre like Heinlein, Bradbury and Asimov. They were my heroes as a young man. I admired their writing and I wished to be able to emulate them. Last, I was inspired and compelled to write the story of the life and untimely death of my second son Christopher Aaron. Christopher’s story, “There is a Reaper” was my tribute to him. It was and is a very personal work, both difficult to write as well as cathartic. I published that first work in 2015 and the reaction of people who got to know Chris through my writing, who otherwise would never have been able to know him, was very humbling and also extremely gratifying.

What’s on your top 5 list for the best books you’ve ever read?

“East of Eden” – John Steinbeck, “The Lord of the Rings” – Tolkien, “Nine Princes in Amber” – Rodger Zelazny, “Stranger in a Strange Land” – Robert Heinlein, “Heart of Darkness” – Joseph Conrad and for short stories anything by Ray Bradbury (or for novels – “Fahrenheit 451”) – oh really I could name about two dozen more… lol.

Say you’re the host of a literary talk show. Who would be your first guest? What would you want to ask?

Well that is another super question. I think I would want to have the great John Ronald Reuel Tolkien on my talk show and I would ask him to tell us all about the origins of Middle Earth and all the backstory of the legend he created. I’d also like to get his opinion of what has been done in the present day with his original works. I suspect he would not be all that pleased!

What’s your favorite thing about writing?

Finishing! Lol!

In all seriousness, I do enjoy the process, but writing is hard work! It requires time and patience and great perseverance. Creation takes a lot out of me and crafting a story, with well-constructed characters and a plot that moves well and has depth and complexity as well as adding realism and world building (a necessity for the fantasy genre) is just plain difficult! I love writing but I love having written even more!

What is a typical day like for you?

Is there a typical day? I mean I’m sure there is…somewhere…but I don’t have many – lol! Both Margaret and I have a LOT on our plates. We have two grandchildren, we host a weekly radio show together, and I have many chores and duties. I also still go to work every day, four days a week most weeks, and we do actually heat our whole house with wood, (hence the handle @woodheat – which has become my ‘brand’) – so that all keeps us busy! Most of our days start early and end late – but we’re happy with each one. Typical is something we do try to avoid though – lol…

What scene in Destroyer’s Blood was your favorite to write?

Oh there were quite a few! No spoilers, but writing scenes where the relationship between Dev and Tray was going through some significant challenge or change were among my favorites. The penultimate conflict scene was right up there as well, not to mention all of the scenes where they go at each other and we get to see how funny they are and how much they care for each other. Last some of my favorite scenes to write were close action sequences when Dev and Tray are fighting against monsters or gods or other villains. Action is the key to exciting prose and there is a LOT of action in Destroyer’s Blood – those scenes are always fun…

Do you have a motto, quote or philosophy you live by?

I don’t know if I have a philosophy that can be encapsulated by a quote lol! I do have some favorites. One I quote often is by Vonnegut (who by the way deserves to be on the list above…”Slaughterhouse Five” is a GREAT book…and how could I leave off Pirsig’s “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” or Catcher in the Rye…or for that matter  Heller’s “Catch 22”!!) but back on task! One of my favorite Kurt quotes is: “If you can do no good, at least do no harm.” It’s very Zen, and sort of Hippocratic too, in a way. I guess it is a good way to live and I do try to live to do some good, and certainly not harm anyone or anything.

Michael Lynes is the author of the new book Destroyer’s Blood

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