Interview with Melissa Storm, author of Flirting with the Fashionista

29 Jul 2019

What can you tell us about your new release, Flirting with the Fashionista?

Really the biggest thing I could say is that representation matters in all aspects of art, whether it’s movies, models, or books. That’s why I was so excited to write a love story for a plus-sized woman like me. In Flirting with the Fashionista, plus-sized fashion designer, Ruby Ross, is wooed by fitness spokesmodel and heir to an empire, Brandon Price. In the end, it’s Brandon who must prove he is worthy of her. Also there’s a super cute Corgi sidekick!

Which book from your childhood or teenage years has stuck with you as an adult?

Some of my favorites that have endured the years are A Prayer for Owen Meany, Jane Eyre, the Harry Potter series, and—of course—Harold and the Purple Crayon.

Who is your favorite couple from literature?

Well, I guess my favorite would have to be Edward and Bella from Twilight. Just kidding!
I love Jane and Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre. Opposites attract is definitely my favorite romance trope, which is why I often choose to write them myself.

What’s on your writing desk and What’s your spirit animal?

I’m going to answer these two together, because my spirit animal is also usually on my writing desk. I keep two pet beds on my table where my two chihuahuas sit with me as I work. My spirit animal—much to my husband’s dismay—is my little tricolor chihuahua that my five-year-old daughter named Sky Princess.

What scene in Flirting with the Fashionista was your favorite to write?

This book had a lot of big grand romantic gestures. I think I may have broken some kind of record, seriously! One of my favorites, though, is when Brandon arranges a long-distance dinner date for the two of them. He also makes sure to send a specially prepared meal for Ruby’s corgi, and everyone knows the way to a girl’s heart is through her fur baby!

Melissa Storm is the author of the new book Flirting with the Fashionista.

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