Interview with Matt Levy, Author of Keeping Your Head Above Water

08 Dec 2020

What can you tell us about your new release, Keeping Your Head Above Water?

I wanted to share my story and journey and some of my life experiences with others. I thought it would be helpful to others to share my framework to success, because it shows how anyone can succeed even when you think you failed.

What or who inspired you to become an author?

I thought it was really important to share my story and inspire others to achieve their dreams. As a motivational speaker it helps me to have a platform to give people hope, when they may feel there is none.

What’s on your top 5 list for the best books you’ve ever read?

With my busy schedule working and training I don’t get much time to read books!

Say you’re the host of a literary talk show. Who would be your first guest? What would you want to ask?

I would have wanted to host Albert Einstein on my show. I think I would have asked him about how he thinks about the impossible, and solves problems no one else thinks of.

What’s your favorite thing about writing?

Being able to share what I have learned and get it out to the world to inspire others.

What is a typical day like for you?

Get up at 5 am train till about 7.30 am, then work at my day job at Westpac Banking Group from 8.30 am to 4 pm then train again from 5 – 7 pm. After dinner I like to relax with some light reading and Netflix. Usually, I’m in bed by 9 pm for those early morning trainings.

What scene from Keeping Your Head Above Water was your favorite to write?

Writing about my struggles and remembering how far I have come was enjoyable, and felt like a real accomplishment.

Do you have a motto, quote, or philosophy you live by?

If you enjoy what you do. You don’t work a day in your life.

Matt Levy is the author of the new book Keeping Your Head Above Water.

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