Interview with Kirsten Fullmer, Author of Problems at the Pub

24 Nov 2020

What can you tell us about your new release, Problems at the Pub?

Problems at the Pub is book four of the Sugar Mountain Series, which feature the fearless women of the Sugar Mountain Ladies Historical Society. This book is set in the town pub, owned by the lovely but notoriously snarky, Monique Brewer. In the other three books we aren’t sure why Monique is so standoffish, but in book four we get a glimpse into her home, her work, and her motivations, as well as her heart. We also find Mayor Winslow up to his old tricks, raising taxes on local businesses, which Monique cannot afford. Adding to Monique’s problems, her cougar of a mother drops in for an extended visit. Her life may be tipped upside down, but Monique is not about to let the mayor, or anyone else, ruin her dreams of buying a house. Enter the mayor’s new assistant, Anthony Tidwell, who appears to be assisting Mayor Winslow’s dastardly deeds. Of course, Monique and the ladies immediately dive in to investigate, leading missions into the court house and stealthily shadowing Mr. Tidwell’s activities. Monique even lets him move in over the pub in order to watch him more closely. But letting a handsome and charming man like Tony get too close is something she may regret…

If Problems at the Pub is turned into a movie, who would you pick to play the main characters?

Since Monique is part Asian, I’d choose Maggie Q, and for Tony, who resembles a young Sam Elliot, I’d chose Paul Rudd with a handlebar mustache.

What’s the last book you read?

Throughout the whole Covid thing, I’ve sought comfort in old favorites and reread several Linda Lael Miller books from my library.

What’s on your writing desk?

If you’re referring to what is physically on my desk, it’s far too much clutter. It has become a dumping ground for things I don’t want to lose. Keeping my desktop clean and clear is an ongoing struggle. If you mean what am I working on now, I am currently writing book two of Love on the Line, featuring Grandpa Buck, along with Andy and Rooster who continue their ill-fated romance while building a pipeline through rugged and difficult terrain. Book two also offers Nick a bit of romance with a new girl on the coating crew!

What’s in your Netflix queue?

I’m a documentary junkie, currently interested in shows about new technology and archeology.

What scene in Problems at the Pub was your favorite to write?

My favorite scene in this book is the one where Monique finally breaks down and opens up. Oftentimes we don’t know what people have been through and why they cope the way they do. This scene is not only hilarious, it depicts why so many of us ladies feel like we can’t depend on others. As an author, I really love that pivotal scene where everything goes pear shaped for my leading lady.

Kirsten Fullmer is the author of the new book Problems at the Pub.

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