Interview with Kelly Jamieson, Author of Body Shot

24 Aug 2016

What can you tell us about your new release, Body Shot?

I’m so excited about Body Shot! It’s the first book in my Last Shot series, which features three former Navy SEALs who have started new lives as owners of Conquistadors, a tequila bar in San Diego. They’ve all had to conquer huge obstacles in their lives, and now they are “brothers”, the family none of them had growing up. Beck, the hero of Body Shot, grew up with more money than he could ever spend, but with parents who mourned the loss of their other son and valued wealth and prestige more than they valued Beck. He became a SEAL to prove to himself he was worth something. When he meets Hayden, a buttoned-up scientist, he has to overcome the biggest challenge of all—opening his heart to love.

Since your past few releases have all been sports romances, was it exciting to venture into another side of romance with Body Shot?

I do love my hockey guys, but it’s been fun writing this series, set in sunny California with sun, sand, surf and yummy cocktails, instead of snowy Chicago and hockey arenas! My characters get to do fun things like stand-up paddle boarding, exploring ocean caves and sky diving. And of course…tequila! Tequila is fun.

Which of your series was the most fun to write?

Oh that’s so tough to answer! The one I’m working on is always the most fun. I love California with all the sun and beaches. I’ve written quite a few books set there, and it’s always fun to “go back” and explore new places and experiences.

Is there any character from your books who you’d like to meet in real life?

Oh yeah, I want to meet Beck from Body Shot! Beard, tattoos, man bun and muscles…he’s an adrenaline junkie who jumps out of planes but plays guitar, sips fine tequila and would do anything for the two men he now considers his family. He’s a super sexy hero, so yeah, I’d like to meet him. 🙂

If you could spend a day in any of your literary worlds, what would you do?

I’d love to spend a day at Conquistadors…hanging with the guys, sipping fine tequila, having some laughs. The beach and ocean are right across the street… palm trees, sun, salty breezes… I’d love to go there!

What scene in Body Shot was your favorite to write?

The stand up paddle board scene was super fun. I’ve done SUP, but not at night (it’s now on my list to do should I ever have the chance!) and it was cool putting myself there, imagining the lighted boards on the ocean and how magical that would be.

If you could give any advice to aspiring writers, what would it be?

Read a lot and write a lot. Learn your craft. Learn how to tell a great story, and learn how to tell it well.

Kelly Jamieson is the author of the new book Body Shot.

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