Interview with Jennifer Shirk, author of Bargaining with the Boss

17 Jan 2018

What can you tell us about your new release, Bargaining with the Boss?

I like to think of it as “an almost fling that turns into the real thing”. After her brother sells the family’s seaside hotel out from under her and her long time boyfriend leaves her for someone more “exciting”, sensible good-girl, Kinsley Roberts is having more than just a case of  bridesmaid blues. Fortunately, she finds a sympathetic ear in a sizzling hot wedding guest and thinks that at least her romantic future is looking up. Until she comes face to face with the man the next morning when he’s introduced as the cutthroat businessman who bought her beloved family’s business and learns he’s now her new boss!

What’s the last book you read?

Holiday in the Hamptons by Sarah Morgan. I’m completely devouring her From Manhattan with Love series. Such sweet, feel-good stories about a group of women friends finding love in New York. She’s becoming my new go-to author.

Who is your favorite couple from literature?

As a romance writer, you won’t be surprised to hear that it has to be Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy! My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you.” Swoon!

You’re hosting a literary dinner party. Which three writers are invited?

Ooh! I can’t believe I can only choose three, but here goes… 1) Harlan Coben because he is absolutely the funniest man on earth. He could do stand-up. Follow his Twitter and you’ll see. 2) Nora Roberts because she is the QUEEN of romance and I would love to pick her brain. And 3) George R. R. Martin because he is so creative. It would be amazing to hear his thoughts on writing and world-building.

What’s your favorite thing about writing?

My favorite thing is to have written. LOL And editing. I love tinkering with words and figuring out how to make my story stronger. If I didn’t have deadlines, I’d probably never stop fiddling with sentences and would never be published!

If you had an extra hour each day, how would you spend it?

Honestly, I’d read. I always feel I never to get to read as much as I’d like to with all the other responsibilities in the day.

What scene in Bargaining with the Boss was your favorite to write?

I had so much fun writing the scene where Kinsley wakes up the next day after the wedding in a strange man’s hotel room, can’t remember what happened and then realizes she might have slept with her new boss. It’s awkward fun!

Do you have a motto, quote or philosophy you live by?

Actually, it changes from year to depending on goals or resolutions I make. For 2018, I’ve been loving a quote by Jim Rohn: Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.  It’s a quote I’m keeping taped up on my desk wall.

Jennifer Shirk is the author of the new book Bargaining with the Boss

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