Interview with Janet Evanovich, author of Wicked Charms

24 Jul 2015

Tell us a little bit about your new release, Wicked Charms.

Lizzy Tucker and Diesel are out to retrieve a hidden pirate treasure that, along with a fortune in gold and precious gems, contains the Stone of Avarice — one of the seven SALIGIA stones (one for each of the Seven Deadly Sins) that, when combined with the other six, would give the owner nearly limitless power.  Though Lizzy is a reluctant participant, she realizes that the stones can’t, under any circumstances, fall into the wrong hands.  Also, she can’t help herself.  Along with wanting to save the world, Diesel is smoking hot and Lizzy can’t deny the growing chemistry between them.

Grandma Mazur is one of my favorite literary characters of all-time. What was your inspiration for Grandma Mazur? Is she based on someone you know, or purely a result of your imagination?

I based Grandma on my Aunt Lena — the only character in the Plum series that is based on a real person!

Real talk: what’s your personal favorite Tastykake?

Duh!  Butterscotch Krimpets.

Where’s your happy place?

My happy place is on my porch watching the sunrise with my dog Ollie and my morning coffee.


What’s something you’re truly terrible at doing?

Anything that requires coordination.  I’m a terrible klutz.

Tell us about the last book that you read and loved.

I love anything Anthony Bourdain writes.  Medium Raw was an excellent read.  I also like his two adventure TV series — No Reservations and Parts Unknown.  Since I spend so much time in my office writing, I live vicariously through his globetrotting.

What’s on your writing desk?

Two computers (one for writing and one for internet), a multi-line phone with headset, iPad, iPhone, desk lamp …glass of wine at the end of the day.

Do you have a motto, quote, or philosophy you live by?

Keep your head down, your eyes open, and never say no to birthday cake… anybody’s birthday cake.


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Janet Evanovich is the author of the new book Wicked Charms.

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