Interview with Eileen Mueller, Author of Riders of Fire Dragon Masters

06 Jul 2023

What’s the story behind the story? What inspired you to write Riders of Fire Dragon Masters?

My readers begged me for more backstory about their favourite characters in the of Riders of Fire series, so in 2021, Riders of Fire Dragon Masters was born. It’s been fun writing these books and my readers are gobbling them up and begging for more. Here’s the link to my Written Word Media interview about Riders of Fire, in case you haven’t read the series.

Set in Dragons’ Realm, a rugged alpine world where riders and dragon share special imprinting bonds and fight together to thwart evil, the books in both series are multi-point-of-view young adult epic fantasy and explore themes of abuse, found family and camaraderie. Riders of Fire Dragon Masters explores the effects of choices upon destiny. And believe me, some of these characters make choices that affect the destiny of many. Of course, there are dragons—and sea dragons. Plenty of them! Throw in a few pirates, mages, assassins and politics and there’s always trouble brewing across Dragons’ Realm. Today I’d like to introduce you to a few characters who shape the story in Riders of Fire Dragon Masters.


When Anakisha’s brother is murdered by a street gang, she joins the Night Wings, a team of local vigilantes, and takes to the streets to avenge him. But a midnight visit by a dragon rider thwarts her. Anakisha’s plans definitely don’t include a dragon. Nor an arrogant but handsome King’s Rider. Her heart is set on the leader of the Night Wings, the dreamy golden-haired son of the village arbitrator. Nothing can sway her, even a visit from Zaarusha, the dragon queen. But Anakisha’s not always the best judge of character, and her life soon spirals out of control…


Yanir still can’t believe he’s the King’s Rider, soaring on Syan, the onyx king of the dragons. It’s far cry from his former life as a pig farmer. The last thing he expects when he and Syan visit Fieldhaven is an unconscious girl in his arms after midnight. A dragon rider’s life is unpredictable. But then again, so is this girl, Anakisha. She’s pretty, but her heart is set on the village arbitrator’s son. Yanir would throw the guy a dragon length rather than trust him. But Anakisha’s stubborn. He can’t talk sense into her. And neither can Zaarusha, the queen of the dragons.


Will’s an opportunist, combing the Naobian market to feed his starving sister and sick mother. Luck goes his way, until a fateful game in a dodgy tavern. He and his best friend wake on a ship, desperate, surrounded by bloodthirsty pirates, and armed only with Will’s gift of the gab. But even Will can’t talk his way out of this one…


Giddi, a powerful young mage, can mind-meld with dragons at will, making him the only dragon mage in Dragons’ Realm. If he wasn’t so brash and impulsive, he might amount to something. It would help if his missing father could train him. Instead, he’s stuck with Starrus—the sole mage who knows his father’s whereabouts. But his arrogant trainer wants him dead.


When Rusty’s uncle is killed by the Scarlet Hand, a bloodthirsty pirate captain, she vows to avenge him. She’s taken captive as the Scarlet Hand’s new cabin boy. She must keep her true identity secret or risk losing her virtue—and her life. But then she discovers the Scarlet Hand has secrets of his own — secrets that turn Rusty’s life upside-down. More powerful characters enter the stage as the series progresses. Their bloody clashes will ripple through Dragons’ Realm for generations. And unbeknown to anyone, a lethal enemy from another world will soon rip Dragon’s Realm apart.

If you had to pick theme songs for the main characters of Riders of Fire Dragon Masters, what would they be?

Anakisha is always battling, so her song is Fight Song by Racheal Platten.

Despite riding the most powerful dragon in Dragons’ Realm, Yanir is pretty humble, so his song would be Bigger by Stan Walker, a New Zealand artist with an incredible voice. Check him out!

Giddi’s song would be Hey Brother by Avicii because he’s loyal, devoted and always putting himself in danger to help others.

Will and Rusty would both share the theme song for Pirates of The Caribbean!

What’s your favorite genre to read? Is it the same as your favorite genre to write?

I love reading fantasy. I’m partial to dragons and riders of course, but I also love a good fantasy romance and a brilliant plot that pulls hundreds of strings together in the final chapters. I guess that’s why I write fantasy with epic plots and romance!

What books are on your TBR pile right now?

Andy Peloqun’s Darkblade Assassin series. Dragon Scale by Richard Fierce. I also love Jeff Kohanek’s Wizardoms series and anything by Angel Haze.

What scene in your book was your favorite to write?

I’ve enjoyed writing all of the books in this series. I love battle scenes, romantic scenes and scenes with high emotion—-the joy of imprinting with a dragon or finding a new best friend, the exhilaration of soaring on dragonback, the triumph of conquering your own demons or an enemy, or the sadness of losing someone. I often laugh or cry as I write. I figure if I do, my readers will too.

Do you have any quirky writing habits? (lucky mugs, cats on laps, etc.)

Yes! I talk to myself constantly, dictating my ideas, plots and stories! Dictation takes me to the beach, out to parks and through forests, and helps lend a real sense of environment to the settings in my books. I love it when my readers can engage all their senses. I also dictate at home in my office, pacing back and forth as I stare out the window! I probably shouldn’t but if I’m hooked into a really good scene, I dictate when I’m driving places or waiting to pick up one of my kids!

Do you have a motto, quote, or philosophy you live by?

I’m going to use what I said in my last interview because my characters sum it up perfectly, but I’m adding something extra at the end! There are two mottos that characters mention in Anakisha’s Dragon, Riders of Fire Dragon Masters book 1. Giddi is a young mage who befriends Anakisha. Giddi shook his head, his eyes fierce beneath his bushy eyebrows. “If there’s one thing I’ve learned, Anakisha, it’s that even when you think there isn’t, there’s always a choice.” Giddi’s perspective contrasts very strongly with Will, who often feels throughout Anakisha’s Dragon that he has no choice. This shapes his decisions, and not always in a good way.

Zaarusha queen of the dragons, also offers Anakisha some advice. Zaarusha mind-melded. “If you don’t leave these events in the past, they’ll destroy your future. You can live life grieving for yesterday or you can put the past aside and live for what today has to offer. The future is bright, Anakisha. Seize it.” I challenge everyone to live their lives to be themselves and to seize each day, looking forward to a brighter future. There will be difficulties, grief and heartbreak on the way, but if we reach out to others, we will emerge stronger. Life may not always be easy, but we can make it a little better each day through the choices we make. Celebrate yourself. If you can’t, reach out to someone who can lift you. Then reach out again.

There is no shame in admitting who we are and where we’re at in life, but the world would be a sadder place without you in it. So let people carry you when you can’t carry yourself. Let others love you when you feel unlovable. Make great choices! Whatever makes you come alive, go and do it today. Because the world needs more people who feel alive. Laugh, live, love and cry. Be yourself, be true to who you are. And encourage others to do the same. And feel free to get lost in a fantasy world that will make your day brighter! If you love dragons, soar on dragonback with the Riders of Fire! And enjoy every minute!

If you could choose one thing for readers to remember after reading your book, what would it be?

Never give up. Keep on striving. Darkness is always followed by a new dawn.


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