Interview with Doctor Connor Rex from Fake It For Me

20 Jun 2018

By Alice Holiday

What do you look for in a woman, doctor?

Whoa there, jumping straight in there with the serious questions, huh? What do I look for in a woman? Curves, sex appeal, intelligence, and independence. A woman who doesn’t need me around. One who wants me around.

Oh yeah, and she’s gotta love kids, since I have a son.

You know, this question is proof I should never have agreed to do this. I can’t think straight with you sitting there, looking at me like that.

What’s your perfect date?

Netflix and Chill?

Kidding. But yeah, something simple like that. Nothing too fancy. I’m done with fancy. I’d prefer a no-clothes picnic on the beach. Are you picturing that, Alice? A no-clothes picnic on the beach with me? I know I am.

What is your one regret?

In high school, I let the one woman I wanted get away. That’s definitely a huge regret for me. But there’s good news. She’s back. Staring at me, right now.  Maybe I’ve got a second chance – what do you think?

If you could pick any celebrity to date, who would it be, and why?

Does it count if I say you’re a celebrity to me? I’ve got you up on that pedestal. Can I pull you down and carry you out of here?

Favorite position? (Sorry, I have to ask this – magazine insists)

You, pinned to the wall, your one leg around my waist, my hand in your hair, lips on your throat. Sound good to you?


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