Interview with Carey Decevito, author of Night Shift

17 Jan 2018

What can you tell us about your new release, Night Shift?

Night Shift is the second in the Nightshade series featuring men and women in the security industry from various backgrounds and walks of life. It’s a romantic suspense kind of read that continues with my trademark contemporary romance with and erotic flair.

In this read, we have Shane Peters, a police detective for the Jacksonville PD who also moonlights for his buddy Dalton Kippers’ (Night Break, Nightshade #1) as an investigator. He’s a single father having lost his wife eight years ago due to a horrific murder; a murder that began a string of similar ones over the years. This provides him with an unwavering obsession to get his man and solve the crimes before more women’s lives are lost.

Pulled away due to his jobs, Shane’s daughter develops a relationship with Emberlyn Roth, a fairly new neighbor that lives across the street to which the man takes notice…and interest in.

Emberlyn Roth has barely escaped a disastrous and abusive relationship, and not without scars—both physical and emotional. She falls almost instantly for the nine-year-old little girl who visits her often, but the attitude that Shane throws at her…she definitely could do without.

Having developed a relationship with a cop, you would think that it would offer Emberlyn a sense of security, but somewhere in the shadows lurks an evil waiting to pounce. And Shane is left with figuring out how to guard those that mean most to him.


What or who inspired you to become an author?

I can’t really say that any one person inspired me to be an author. I’ve always enjoyed writing as well as reading, and my parents have always encouraged me to chase my dreams and make them a reality—and so I did!

In later years, when my oldest child was two (she’s now nine), I fell in love with writing even more, and with my husband’s encouragement I took a leap of faith and began my publishing journey. By then I’d already had four manuscripts written.

If it weren’t for Mom, Dad, my husband Nick, and our two girls, not to mention many dear friends, I doubt I’d have found the courage so quickly (if at all) to put my work out there for the world to enjoy.

What books are currently on your nightstand?

At the moment, I’ve got both Lacey Black’s My Kind of Mess which has yet to be released (I’m doing some Beta reading) as well as Lydia Michaels’ La Vie en Rose (Life in Pink). Both these authors are amazing in their own right. Now, if you asked me what books are on my bookshelf that would be one very long conversation!

Say you’re the host of a literary talk show. Who would be your first guest? What would you want to ask?

I’d say James Patterson. I fell in love with his works in my teens and still to this day enjoy reading (and rereading) his Alex Cross as well as his Women’s Murder Club series.

My questions would be geared toward his Susan’s Diary for Nicholas, a story in a woman’s point of view that tugged so much at my heartstrings. Optimally, if I could, I’d stick both Mr. Patterson in the same room as Nicholas Sparks and do a comparison on how they go about to writing their amazing stories with a female voice. Being an author who has written books in the perspective of the opposite sex, it would be nice to know if their thought processes mirror or are remotely close to mine.

What’s your favorite thing about writing?

My favorite thing about writing is being able to escape into a world of my making, falling in love (and hate) with characters, creating something I love and hopefully everyone else will too. I aim to tackle the good, bad, and ugly of life; to come up with something realistic where readers can actually feel themselves living life’s hurdles through my characters. If I happen to entertain, console, or provide a temporary escape for those that pick my books up, then I’ve done my duty even better than I thought considering I never once anticipated I’d ever have enough lady balls to get my novels out there.

BAM. You’re a superhero. What’s your superpower?

Teleportation. It’s seriously flipping cold where I’m at right now. I’d love to just snap my eyes closed, and then imagine a scene. When I open…Voila! I’m there! Imagine the amounts saved on traveling too.

What scene in Night Shift was your favorite to write?

It’s difficult to pinpoint one simple scene, but if I had to, I’d say the opening scene to the book. I don’t recall ever writing anything from a first-person POV that was so dark before. Trust me, as an author, our minds can be warped, but even I spooked myself getting into a serial killer’s head. I enjoyed this the most mainly because it offered me more of a challenge. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I usually never back down from trying something new and pushing my writing boundaries. Of course, I wouldn’t publish anything I wasn’t entirely happy with, so thank goodness it all worked out!

Do you have a motto, quote or philosophy you live by?

My favorite quote is from a fellow Canadian author, Lucy Maud Montgomery: “Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it.”

I fell in love with those words while watching Anne of Green Gables as a little girl, and then read the words in those same books. They kind of stuck. Playing on the old adage of “Tomorrow is a new day”, I try to live my life thinking that no matter how tough a day may turn out to be, tomorrow is always a new day to make things right…better.

Carey Decevito is the author of the new book Night Shift

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