Hot New Romance Novels | August 2021

18 Aug 2021

Hot New Romance Novels | August 2021

Looking to curl up with a new romance novel? You’ll definitely find a new favorite with our latest steamy romance recommendations from bestselling authors KL Kreig, Willow Winters, Measha Stone, Carly Spade, Maggie Kay, and A. M. Wilson. Enjoy your new romance books!

Unwilling Pawn

by Measha Stone

Release Date: August 5, 2021

A new dark mafia arranged romance by USA Today Bestselling Author Measha Stone…Her father planned to give her to someone else, until I decided she was mine. Amelia Dudek will be my bride, even if I have to drag her down the aisle and force a blushing yes from her quivering lips with the marks of my belt still seared across her beautiful bottom. She can fight all she wants, but one way or another that pretty dress will come off and her wedding night will be spent screaming my name as her helpless body is ruthlessly ravaged. This is not about love. She is a pawn in a brutal game, to be used for my purposes, my needs, and my pleasure. But now that she is mine, I defy any man to take her from me.

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Time Stamps

by KL Kreig

Release Date: August 17, 2021

An exciting new romance from USA Today Bestselling Author KL Kreig …Time stamps. Our life is marked by them. Significant milestones to the seemingly mundane. All of them have a place. A purpose. Moments and chapters stacking on each other, building scars and memories. Creating stories that are only ours to tell. But those stamps are finite, pre-determined. And eventually, our allotment runs out. This is our story. Our collection of time stamps.

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Tell Me You Want Me

by Willow Winters

Release Date: August 24, 2021

From USA Today bestselling author, Willow Winters, comes a sexy office romance with a brooding hero you can’t help but fall head over heels for…I didn’t get to where I am by being nice. I’m the boss, the CEO, the owner of whatever I want. Right now, that includes every person in this building of the company I just bought. I stop at nothing once I’ve decided I’m taking something. And then she showed up… full of spitfire just for me, the man she’s decided is her worst enemy. As I said, I stop at nothing once I’ve decided I’m taking something. This pretty little thing just moved to the top of my “must acquire” list.

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by Carly Spade

Release Date: August 16, 2021

Book 4 of the Contemporary Mythos Series by bestselling author Carly Spade…Elani Stewart hasn’t believed in “true love” or fairy tale endings since her parents’ divorce. It’s one of the reasons she developed her dating service “E-romantic,” a scientific algorithm-based process that matches one person to their most compatible partners. When clients start dropping like flies, claiming that a bartender at The Arrow led them to the “love of their lives”, she decides to take matters into her own hands or risk being client-less. Little does she know she’s up against the god of love and passion himself. If she can open herself to the possibilities and listen to destiny’s call she may learn to trust in love again and “soar” to new heights.

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Merciless King

by Maggie Kay

Release Date: August 18, 2021

A new standalone enemies to lovers mafia romance by bestselling author Maggie Kay…My stupid need for the truth and for justice left me at the mercy of a cold-blooded killer. But deep down, I’m not certain that Luca Valsetti wants to kill me. I know he believes he has no choice but to follow his brother’s orders and the rules of his syndicate. But I see the hint of doubt that surfaces whenever he’s around me. I don’t miss the skip of his heartbeat, the pause in his breath, and the undeniable lust in his eyes. I see that he is a broken man underneath his hard exterior, just as vulnerable as any other.

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What Tears Us Down

by A. M. Wilson

Release Date: August 17, 2021

A new Arrow Creek novel from USA Today Bestselling Author A. M. Wilson…Rhett Senova could charm a woman out of her panties and in the next breath, thank her mother for dinner. Starting over in his thirties isn’t on his agenda. Not now that he’s raised impenetrable walls. His ex left the sour taste of infidelity in his mouth, and he’s not sure he can trust anyone new. That is until he meets a vision passing through town and nearly gets mauled by her she-demon dog. Her sassy wit makes other women seem inadequate, along with those luscious curves and burgundy curls. The fact she hides beneath her tough exterior that she might be in trouble sends up red flags he’d be smart not to ignore. Using his charm to win over the pit bull is the easy part. The question is whether he wants to win over the guarded redhead too.

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