Historical Regency Romances for Fans of Bridgerton

24 May 2024

Historical Regency Romances for Fans of Bridgerton

From glittering ballrooms to scandalous affairs, each novel promises to sweep readers off their feet and into a realm of passion, intrigue, and societal intrigue. Join in the romance and indulge in these delightful tales of love and scandal set against the backdrop of historical splendor.

Never Marry a Highlander

by Callie Hutton

Release Date: May 16 2024

To allow his brother, Laird Robin MacKay to marry the woman he loves, Craig MacKay agrees to step into Robin’s place in a betrothal agreement with a known shrew, Lady Lorena Gunn. He doesn’t want to marry and neither does she, and both agree to live their separate lives. A perfect arrangement. If they could only keep their hands off each other.

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The Dreadful Duke (The Bad Heir Day Tales Book 1)

by Grace Burrowes

Release Date: April 26 2024

Mina and Finn are on the point of admitting a powerful attraction when an enemy close at hand threatens to ruin their hopes for a happily ever after. They will have to work together, and put aside both well earned pride and treasured prejudices, if their shared dream is to bloom into a shared future.

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A Light in the Dark (The Ashbrooks Book 5)

by M.A. Nichols

Release Date: May 21 2024

Two souls not looking for love, but when they stumble upon one another, they discover a new possibility they never considered. In each other, they find solace, understanding, and perhaps, a chance to rewrite their narratives—but only if Hazel and Lucas dare to defy expectations and dare to dream of something better.

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Her Pretend Duke (Regency Roses Book 2)

by Hanna Hamilton

Release Date: May 13 2024

Soon Rosy’s innocent lie takes on a life of its own. Her pretend betrothed is back from war. And instead of exposing her, Duke George is playing along. For he needs to restore his family’s honor and he won’t let her out of their agreement…

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Oddity of the Ton (Misfits of the Ton Book 4)

by Emily Royal

Release Date: April 27 2024

Montague FitzRoy, fifth Duke of Whitcombe, is unwilling to surrender the pleasures of bachelorhood. When his mother, insistent on finding him a duchess of the right pedigree, forces his hand, he decides on impulse to punish her by kneeling before the least desirable woman in the room. Only Miss Howard believes his proposal to be genuine.

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Captured by the Beastly Duke

by Harriet Caves

Release Date: May 8 2024

After the death of his entire family, Duke Andrew has become a recluse. So when his peace is threatened by the beautiful minx standing at his door, he must do everything to protect it. Even trapping her inside the castle. But Marian’s plan to escape is ruined the moment the beast claims her lips. Now she is tempted to make the greatest mistake of her life: stay.

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