Giveaway: Win Caro LaFever’s New Romance “Baby By Accident”

01 Apr 2016

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About The Book

When a pirate playboy takes over her family’s financial company, Lise Helton can find nothing to like about the man. Except for the inconvenient lust she feels every time she’s in a room with him. Too bad she’s doomed to be in rooms with him all the time as she’s still the CFO of the company and won’t give him the satisfaction of walking away.

Much to Lise’s dismay, too bad becomes really bad when she finds herself in bed with the man experiencing the best sex ever. Now, worse is about to happen in nine short months and she’s confronted with a determined Italian ready to be a father. And a husband.

Vico Mattare knows he’s wicked and has no problem using the skill to his advantage. But he’s run into a woman who looks down her patrician nose at him even when he presents her with a four-carat diamond. He might not be worthy, but he’s damned if he’s going to lose her and his baby.

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