Fantasy & Sci-Fi Must-Read Books | September 2021

30 Sep 2021

Fantasy & Sci-Fi Must-Read Books | September 2021

Our picks for this week’s fantasy and sci-fi books are perfect for action and suspense readers! Check out these adventurous new books by bestselling authors James Fox, Michael Alan Peck, John Hindmarsh, R.L. King, Sean Platt, David W. Wright, and Michael Robertson. Enjoy your new fantasy and sci-fi must-read books!


by James Fox

Release Date: September 21, 2021

Book 2 of The Sol Saga by Bestselling Author James Fox…After learning too late that he was supposed to take the fall for a political assassination and massacre, disgraced ex-general Keith Brennan finds himself given a slim chance at redemption. Retaliation is the next book in The Sol Saga trilogy, a dark and gritty sci-fi drama with relentless action and subterfuge that will leave you breathless and hungry for more!

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The Margins

by Michael Alan Peck

Release Date: September 30, 2021

Book 2 of The Commons Series by, Michael Alan Peck, an author that Publishers Weekly describes as, “an author to watch…”The Margins shouldn’t be—but is, thanks to Paul Reid. He won. But he played into the hands of an evil that anticipated his heroic act. Now the universe is collapsing, and those who created the danger must neutralize it. It won’t be easy. It might not be possible. But this is where the difficult and the impossible abound. This is The Commons.

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Violent Graduation

by John Hindmarsh

Release Date: September 30, 2021

Violent Graduation is the first book in a brand new series by Amazon Bestselling Author John Hindmarsh…It’s easy to ignore dangerous issues while you’re studying at the Royal Space Navy’s academy, until a sniper attempts to assassinate you. The scar across the side of Jack’s head is the visible price. The risk to his friends at the academy is the hidden price. His challenge is how to balance the risks. The final stage of his training is a shakedown cruise on an old minesweeper, barely able to achieve FTL entry and exit. Midway through their cruise, the minesweeper collides with an ancient alien wreck, ripping the sides off the starship. Jack’s team of bots help seal the combined wreck to prevent air loss. Ghost, a nanolife form from the alien wreck, provides assistance. Jack and his girlfriend, Sofia, are the only survivors, and air, food, and supplies are critical. The countdown of days to survive is ticking. No wonder the Royal Family are angry. And there’s still a price on Jack’s head.

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Winds of Change (Alastair Stone Chronicles)

by R.L. King

Release Date: September 12, 2021

The 27th installment of the Alastair Stone Chronicles by Amazon bestselling author R.L. King…sometimes the biggest events begin with the smallest incidents. This time, it’s another of Jason’s strange cases: a missing man a tracking spell can’t trace. It isn’t long before the man turns up. Except he’s…different. And he’s not the only one. A new magical affliction is creeping through the world, permanently altering people’s auras and changing their astral forms. As Alastair Stone and his friends struggle to understand it and trace its source, he soon finds he’s got another, far more personal, issue to deal with. A powerful foe is back with a proposal for Stone—and this time, he doesn’t seem willing to take no for an answer. The world of the Stone Chronicles is about to change irrevocably. You don’t want to miss this one.

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Tomorrow’s Gone

by Sean Platt & David W. Wright

Release Date: September 14, 2021

The second book in Sean Platt and David W. Wright’s tense new post-apocalyptic serialized thriller…The Ruins are growing, threatening the Slums with total devastation — if Slum Lord can’t find a way to stop the alien magic, he won’t have to worry about the impending revolution because there will be no one alive to revolt. While Slum Lord fights for the right to protect his city, Elijah Freeman is captured and thrown into General McTaggart’s mountain prison. Elijah must stop McTaggart from raising an Alt army, but how can he do it from this cell? Luckily for both of them, Boricio continues to battle the Darkness inside him as he travels into the heart of enemy territory, seeking an artifact that could help them destroy the Ancients: the Seed. Boricio finds more than he expected — but will it be enough to prevent a mass extinction?

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by Michael Robertson

Release Date: September 19, 2021

Divided is the 11th book in the thrilling post-apocalyptic Beyond These Walls saga by Amazon Bestselling Author Michael Robertson…They risked everything crossing the wall in search of a better life. Given a choice now, every one of them would go back. But they don’t have a choice. They’re a group divided. They crossed as a team, if they decide to go home again, it will be as a team. The only chance they have of reuniting their group is to venture deeper into this hostile new world. A world that might be the undoing of them all. But it’s also a world that could provide answers to questions they’ve asked their entire lives. What’s south of the wall? Why has the diseased population never died out? What started the plague in the first place? To earn the right to ask their questions, first they must learn the rules for this new environment. Fail and they’ll die.

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