Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books For Your New Year’s Reading List | January 2021

30 Dec 2020

Fantasy and Sci-Fi Books For Your New Year’s Reading List | January 2021

Need some fantasy and sci-fi book recommendations for the New Year? You’ve come to the right place because we’ve rounded up some of the best new releases from bestselling authors Allen Ivers, Alexa Whitewolf, Dartanyan Johnson, Everly Frost, Neal Asher, and D.K. Holmberg. Happy reading!

The Dollfaces

by Allen Ivers

Release Date: December 23, 2020

Four women, kitted with military hardware and holographic masks, just hit a bank in broad daylight and made off with some cash – and a single deposit box… The Ministry Official tasked with catching these women knows he’s about to wade into the deep end when he connects the robbers to an estranged heiress of a criminal cartel. The young dilettante swims in the city’s urban club scene, reveling in its excesses. And along with a team of women as crazy as she is, she’s giving the criminal underworld a bit of its own medicine…

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Moonlight Rogues Boxset

by Alexa Whitewolf

Release Date: October 1, 2020

What happens when four alpha wolves land in one town, and a fairy godmother decides to play matchmaker? Chaos, of the best kind. Dominic Kosta never belonged – now he only wants Lucrezia. But can this human be the happily ever after he’s been yearning for? And can he protect her when the town comes under attack by mysterious forces?

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Crestahn Kingdom

by Dartanyan Johnson

Release Date: November 13, 2020

The first book in The Crystal of Life Series by Dartanyan Johnson… Princess Sha’ella returns home from the grandest assassins’ tournament to discover her kingdom is under attack. When the truth behind the assault unfolds, evidence reveals that her father along with the king of Crestahn has been plotting a coup against the ruler of the galaxy–and her mentor. Lendelam thought she could escape her past–where those who share her bloodline are blacklisted or murdered by the Beztiqi queen and the royal family.

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This Dark Wolf

by Everly Frost

Release Date: December 11, 2020

The first book in the Soul Bitten Shifter Series by Everly Frost… Cast out of my pack, I live in a supernatural safehouse filled with broken women. Other women come and go, but I remain. I’m waiting. For him. Tristan Masters—the ruthless alpha of the most vicious pack in the city. He fought for my life when my pack wanted to kill me. He saved me. I should be able to trust him. But I know better. Tristan Masters wants my wolf; my killer soul. When he’s ready, he will use me to destroy his enemies.

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Lockdown Tales

by Neal Asher

Release Date: December 15, 2020

Best-selling author Neal Asher was far from idle during the isolation of lockdown; he kept himself occupied in the best way possible: he wrote. And his imagination was clearly in overdrive. Five brand new novellas and novelettes and one novella reworked and expanded from a story first published in 2019. Together, they form Lockdown Tales, exploring the latter days of the Polity universe and beyond. What lies in wait for humanity after the Polity has gone?

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The Fates of Yoran

by D.K. Holmberg

Release Date: December 15, 2020

The third book in The Chain Breaker Series by D.K. Holmberg… After establishing an uneasy truce with the constables, Gavin has settled in Yoran to offer protection to his friends and the remaining magical element in the city. When a job reveals a dangerous new threat in the city, Gavin must take action. This time the target isn’t Gavin, but the city itself. Magic was banished a generation ago, but the Fates have returned. They bring a dark magic Gavin has never seen before—and might be helpless to control.

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