Escaping Our New Reality by Monica Murphy

07 Apr 2020

By Monica Murphy

Well, our lives are certainly turned upside down right now, aren’t they? It’s unprecedented and disconcerting, and while like everyone else I can get caught up in the bad news and the dire predictions, I am also looking for an escape. And I’ve been looking for it in a variety of places.

One is going outside (though currently as I write this, it’s raining, boo). My daughter and I have been taking walks every single day. It gets the heart pumping and the muscles moving, and my daughter and I are having great conversations. Sometimes we’re silly, sometimes we’re serious, and sometimes, one (or all) of our cats follow us, which we find amusing.

I’m thinking at this moment though, we’re pretty easily amused.

I’m also doing yard work. My roses are getting ready to bloom, and I’m so excited. I’ve basically turned into my great-grandma, and I don’t mind. She was a card carrying board member of her local Rose Garden Club. Do they still have those? I used to go to the meetings with her when I was a little girl. Now look at me, tending my roses. My great-grandma would be thrilled.

We watched Tiger King (of course we did, along with the rest of the country). The memes from this series have been pure gold. Actually, the Coronavirus memes have been pretty funny, and while there’s a lot of sadness and seriousness going on with this horrible virus, I have to say dealing with it by laughing at silly memes does make me feel better.

My favorite way of escaping though, is by reading. When it all first went down and the schools were closed and my state (California) was told to shelter in place, it was difficult to lose myself in a book. I couldn’t concentrate. I was stressed. Worried. But as we’ve adjusted to our new normal, I find myself reading more. And more.

And more.

It’s such a great escape, and reasonably priced too. In the romance novels I’ve recently devoured, I read about people going to restaurants and sporting events and it fills me with a nostalgic feeling. I can’t wait to go back to the land of the living again. Where I can go to a restaurant with my family or friends and just enjoy myself. When I can wander around Target without searching for (and never finding) toilet paper. I am ready for those moments!

But in the meanwhile, I’m reading. Hopefully, you’re able to read too. And maybe, you’ll like to read my newest book Hate to Date You. It’s funny and sweet and very sexy. There’s the best friend’s hot brother, a supportive group of friends, and a feisty Italian grandma. I had a blast writing this book, and if you give it a chance, I’m hoping you have a blast reading it.

Monica Murphy is the author of the new book Hate to Date You.

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