Celebrity Memoirs Coming Out This Fall

13 Oct 2016

Tabloids may have tried to write the whole picture but you don’t know a celebrity’s story until they tell it themselves. Though not a new trend by any means (Lauren Bacall wrote a celebrity memoir about her marriage to Humphrey Bogart back in 1978 called By Myself), it seems nowadays you’re not a true celebrity without a memoir to prove it. These ten celebrity memoirs coming out this fall are inspiring, impactful works that are sure to inspire you to follow your dreams no matter how outlandish. (Or perhaps just push you to keep better diaries.)

B01BNSK4V2 cover image

Born to Run

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen was so exhilarated after his performance at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2009 that he decided to write a book about it. He had to start a little bit further back though, and that effort became Born To Run which covers his life from growing up in Freehold, New Jersey to the rise of the E Street Band and beyond. The inspiration behind many of his hit songs is detailed including Born in the U.S.A., Thunder Road, and the book title’s inspiration Born To Run.

Release date: September 27, 2016

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Good Vibrations: My Life as a Beach Boy

Mike Love and James S. Hirsch

The Beach Boys are a unique success story, one of overnight success and age-defying logevity and there is one man that has been there to see it all: Mike Love. One of the founding members of the band, Love has spent fifty-five years, and counting, as the group’s lead singer. From his beginning as a sheet-metal apprentice to becoming the front man for one of America’s most successful bands, Love finally tells his story. Including stories behind classics like “Good Vibrations,” “California Girls,” “Surfin’ USA,” and “Kokomo.”

Release date: September 13, 2016

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Spaceman: An Astronaut’s Unlikely Journey to Unlock the Secrets of the Universe

Mike Massimino

When Mike Massimino saw Neil Armstrong walk on the moon his future, in his mind, was set: he was going to be an astronaut. When faced with three rejections from NASA he persevered eventually going on to become one of the astronauts that saved the Hubble Space Telescope. From his working-class Long Island family life to his first space walk, Massimino invites you into a world of science and endurance revealing just what it takes to be a spaceman.

Release date: October 4, 2016

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My Own Words

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This collection of writings and speeches from Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg offers a fascinating glimpse into one of America’s most influential women. Collected by her authorized biographers Mary Hartnett and Wendy W. Williams, the essays in My Own Words address wide-ranging topics including gender equality, the workways of the Supreme Court, being Jewish, law and lawyers in opera, and the value of looking beyond US shores when interpreting the US Constitution. With an introduction from Justice Ginsburg, this memoir is both powerful and endearing.

Release date: October 4, 2016

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Hungry Heart: Adventures in Life, Love, and Writing

Jennifer Weiner

Bestselling author and Twitter phenomenon Jennifer Weiner is known for a lot of things (live-tweeting the Bachelorette being among them) but not much is known about how she rocketed to fame. Born in Louisiana, raised in Connecticut, educated at Princeton, Weiner spent years feeling like an outsider before finding her place in the newsroom. Eventually she found her voice as a novelist, activist and New York Times columnist but not without dealing with all the same issues we all do: sex, weight, envy, money, etc. Add to it her mother coming out of the closet and her estranged father’s death, it’s no wonder she’s a natural storyteller.

Release date: October 11, 2016

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B019C3WTR2 cover image

Buffering: Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded

Hannah Hart

YouTube personality Hannah Hart has shared a lot of her life on social media but this memoir attempts to tackle subjects more lengthy than 140 characters or a 6 minute vlog.  These, at times very vulnurable, essays were put together from journals Hannah has kept her whole life and explores her family, faith, love, sexuality, self-worth, friendships and fame.

Release date: October 18, 2016

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B01E4BC1RU cover image

Scrappy Little Nobody

Anna Kendrick

Academy Award-nominated actress Anna Kendrick, best known for her roles in Pitch Perfect and Up in the Air, has a quirky outlook on life that has bolstered a heavy following. At the ripe age of thirteen, she had already resolved to “keep the crazy inside my head where it belonged. Forever. But here’s the thing about crazy: It. Wants. Out.” In her first book she attempts to let you inside of her chaotic brain all while taking you on her journey from Vanilla Ice neon pants to the Oscars.

Release date: November 15, 2016

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B01G0GD07M cover image

Talking As Fast As I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything in Between)

Lauren Graham

Just in time for the return of our favorite fast-talking Gilmore Girls to our tv screens (or computer screens), Lauren Graham has produced this light-hearted collection of personal essays. Lauren infuses her effortless comedy into her recollections and fully explains what it was like to return to being Lorelei Gilmore after all this time. Including excerpts from the diaries she kept while filming Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, this book feels like catching up with your best friend after a time apart.

Release date: November 29, 2016

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B0141ZP21G cover image

The Princess Diarist

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher is a brave, brave woman. When she recently re-discovered the journals she kept while filming Star Wars, she decided the best thing to do with them would be to publish them. Of course, at first, she was shocked by the content: by how honest she had been to a journal. Catch this glimpse into the world of a soon-to-be pop-culture icon, before the world ever called her “princess”.

Release date: November 22, 2016

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B01DHWACVY cover image

Born A Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood

Trevor Noah

Before Trevor Noah was the host of The Daily Show, he was a living crime. Born to a white Swiss father and a black Xhosa mother during apartheid in South Africa, Trevor experienced a very different childhood than most. His parent’s relationship was punishable by five years in prison leading Trevor to live most of his childhood indoors. His first book includes eighteen personal essays that cover the days of a mischevious little boy kept indoors to the days of a restless young man wanting to do something about it.

Release date: November 15, 2016

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