6 Books to Read While You Wait for The Mandalorian Season 4

21 Apr 2023

6 Books to Read While You Wait for The Mandalorian Season 4

With season three of The Mandalorian coming to a close this week, you need something to fill the void while you wait for season four! These new fantasy and science fiction releases will do just that. Check out these books from authors S.M. Warlow, Theophilus Monroe, Michael Anderle, J.D. Oliva, Peter Diggins, M. C. Bodel, and Nick Crow.

Invidious (Tales of the Phoenix Titan Book 2)

by S.M. Warlow

Release Date: April 4, 2023

A separatist revolution brewing for decades has finally begun, but the people pulling the strings have far more insidious plans ahead. In the vast wilderness of space, Nathan Carter and the crew of the Phoenix Titan explore remnant temples left behind by the Enkaye Dynasty. Life is pretty good, but that quickly changes when an old acquaintance makes contact.

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Vampire Morning (Daywalker Chronicles Book 1)

by Theophilus Monroe & Michael Anderle

Release Date: March 28, 2023

What do you call a vampire by day, a human by night? Confused? That makes two of us! Sunlight is a little problematic for me. Will I be able to handle it? By night I am a normal girl. I like computers, ice cream, and guys. When the sun rises, I’m stronger. I also get an insatiable craving for you-know-what. The weird sisters stole Dracula’s power. As masters of the Scholomance, they are recruiting new vampires. A recipe for disaster? Whatever they are planning, it can’t be good. There’s only one way to deal with vampires, especially those meddling in the dark arts. Can I bring them to light before they unleash their nightmare on the world? We shall see.

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Immortal (The Wolf Stone Saga Book 1)

by J.D. Oliva

Release Date: March 1, 2023

Nineteen-year-old Jennifer Greywolf is still grieving her mother’s death when she inherits her dad’s mysterious talisman. And when she learns the strange heirloom has mystical powers, she starts searching for clues to the secret life of the man she never knew. But when she accidentally triggers the return of a forgotten hero, her father’s legacy puts her in the sights of a superpowered killer.

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A Miscast Spell (The Syrane Chronicles Book 1)

by Peter Diggins

Release Date: March 30, 2023

Coach Duncan Hawkwind is transported to another world by a corrupted spell. Equal parts confused and terrified, he finds himself in a dungeon with three menacing strangers, one very confused mage and a still-warm corpse as screaming creatures scratch at the door, intent on devouring everyone in the room. Still reeling and full of questions, Duncan is convinced to help the strangers (and himself) out of their dire predicament.

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2090 A New Earth

by M. C. Bodel

Release Date: April 4, 2023

When an infectious viral plague threatened to end all civilization, humanity had a plan. With a virus that left no survivors once infected, their only hope was for the uninfected to wait it out inside cryogenic sleep cases spread throughout the earth, set to awaken post-apocalypse. When Grandpa woke and stepped out of his cryo case, hope bloomed in his chest. What Grandpa didn’t know then was that he and his family would have to make many life-or-death decisions in the coming days if they were to survive.

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The Lazarus Factor

by Nick Crow

Release Date: April 5, 2023

Hunted by a ruthless assassin, Sara finds herself partnered with reporter Marcus Byron. Together they race across Europe, through Cathar castles, Aegean islands, and beyond. On the run, Sara must decipher a mysterious set of genome sequences. As they begin to uncover answers, powerful forces turn their sights on Sara. If she can’t decode the sequences in time, she’ll end up dead—and the world will never know the shocking truth about the people who rule it.

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