Books to Read if You Like YA Romantic Comedies

08 Aug 2016

There’s nothing better than a heart-warming, laugh-inducing romantic comedy. Whether it’s in movie form or book form, a good rom-com can turn a gloomy day into a happy one. If you love young adult books and you’re looking for a good, heart warming laugh, then check out our recommendations for books to read if you like YA romantic comedies.

Books to Read if You Like YA Romantic Comedies


After School with Mr. Obnoxious

Kimti Alex

Release Date: July 28, 2016

Senior year has finally rolled around, and Samantha Banks is ready to fly under the radar until they graduate and head off to college. However, one little mistake will make her last year of high school a living hell. While playing truth or dare, Sam kissed their high school’s most popular jock, Aaron Lanter, even though he has a girlfriend named Nicole. After she found out, Nicole was ready to make Sam suffer the consequences. But Sam is willing to fight back, so she becomes Aaron’s after school tutor. What started as an act of vengeance starts to turn into something special for Sam and Aaron.

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Shuffle, Repeat

Jen Klein

Release Date: May 3, 2016

June and Oliver are both at the end of their senior year of high school, and they are dealing with it in different ways. June is ready to go off to college, and Oliver is reveling in his high school glory days. Oliver drove June to school every single day, and they fought about basically everything. Music, life, you name it. But even though they thought that they might be polar opposites, sometimes love works in ways you don’t understand.

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P.S. I Like You

Kasie West

Release Date: July 26, 2016

When chemistry class got boring, Lily started to write her favorite song lyrics on her desk. When she returned the next day, she was surprised to find that someone finished the lyrics and wrote her a note back.  This little exchange morphed into a full-on pen pal, and the more they talk, the more Lily starts to fall for him. While Lily tries to solve the mystery of her secret pen pal, she also has to juggle the craziness of school, friends, and family.

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Cookie O’Gorman

Release Date: March 31, 2016

Even though she loves her best friend Hooker dearly, Sally Spitz is tired of being set up on blind dates and surprise hookups. To get Hooker off her back, she decides to find a fake boyfriend. No one would be better for that job than Becks, Sally’s best friend from birth. Their fake relationship is brilliantly executed, but Sally is keeping a massive secret from Becks. She’s been in love with him for as long as she can remember.

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I’ll Be Yours

Jenny B. Jones

Release Date: March 22, 2016

Harper O’Malley spent most of her life focusing on band, school, and volunteering at the local animal shelter, so dating is never something she had time for. When Andrew Levin moves to town, she knows that he will make the perfect first boyfriend. But if she wants to win her man, she’s going to need some dating advice. In walks Ridley Estes, the school’s star football player, who offers to teach her about love if she’ll tutor him after school. All of a sudden, a football scandal rocks their world and changes Harper and Ridley’s lives forever.

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Defending Taylor

Miranda Kenneally

Release Date: June 28, 2016

Taylor is an overachiever who always strives for perfection. She’s performed exceptionally in school, and she’s never done anything wrong. However, after lying to cover for her boyfriend, Taylor was expelled from her private school and sent to the local public school. Now she has to work twice as hard to rebuild her reputation from the ground up. Ezra, her brother’s best friend, is the one person who seems to understand what she’s going through. Even though Taylor has had a crush on him for basically her entire life, will she be able to trust him after he betrayed her?

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