Books to Read if You Like Susan Wiggs

30 Nov 2016

Susan Wiggs says she centers her life around “family, friends, and fiction” and while the three Fs may sound like a line, her books are chock full of family, friends, and feeling of the best kind. Her Lakeshore Chronicles have won the hearts of readers everywhere with its sweet approach to small town romance and domestic strife. If you enjoy sweet romances with everyday drama, try these books to read if you like Susan Wiggs.

Books to Read if You Like Susan Wiggs


Always You

Jason Patrick

Release Date: October 24, 2016

Abbey Miller and Sean Copeland, got off to the wrong start in their youth. Misguided Sean was too busy being a troublemaker and teasing Abbey to ever tell her that he had feelings for her but when she left Charlotte Island, he always regretted it. Now a successful romance novelist, Abbey is returning home for the first time in a long time and she’s the furthest thing from excited at the sight of Sean. When the two find themselves working together, though, Abbey begins experiencing feelings she’s only ever written for her characters. Has she finally found her happily ever after or is Sean still the same guy from their childhood?

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What We Find

Robyn Carr

Release Date: April 5, 2016

On the brink of a malpractice suit, Denver neurosurgeon Maggie Sullivan could use a break from her high-stress life. The first place that comes to mind is Sullivan’s Crossing. Named for Maggie’s great-grandfather, the land and charming general store at the crossroads of the Colorado and the Continental Divide Trails have been passed down through the generations and now belong to Maggie’s eccentric father, Sully. When she shows up unannounced, he welcomes her with open arms and she relishes the idea of indulging in a simple life. That is until she meets the quiet but serious-looking hiker Cal. His silent, easy-going approach to life may be just what she’s looking for but will it be enough to bring her peace.

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If You Only Knew

Kristan Higgins

Release Date: June 1, 2016

When wedding-dress designer Jenny Tate’s ex-husbands new wife decides she wants to be Jenny’s new best friend, she decides to cut ties with Manhattan all together. She decides to head home up the Hudson and open her own store all awhile basking in her sister’s picture-perfect family life. But before she knows it, her sister Rachel’s perfect marriage is imploding. Now Jenny must gather her courage to aid her little sister by helping her come to terms with their past and their present.

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Worth the Wait

Jamie Beck

Release Date: March 17, 2015

Thirteen years ago, Vivi LeBrun was saved from her lonely, tumultuous childhood by the close-knit St. James family. Having a crush on one of the St. James siblings was almost natural with how much time she spent with them. But when their mother died, David St. James distanced himself from everyone including Vivi who wanted nothing more than to help him through the tough time. But now years later, Vivi is heading to Block Island to vacation with the rest of the family and she’s only half-hoping David will be there. When he does show up though, he’s brought a new girlfriend who’s pushing for a serious committment. Now with tensions running high, will the two of them be able to come to terms with their past or will they ruin their perfect family?

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The Promise of Rayne

Nicole Deese

Release Date: November 1, 2016

Rayne Shelby has worked her entire life in the hopes of one day managing her late grandfather’s prestigious Idaho lodge. But when she makes a mistake, she must turn to the one boy she shouldn’t: Levi, the apprentice of her family’s greatest enemy. She knows if she gets caught crossing lines, her family will never forgive her, but she can’t seem to care when she feels that spark between them. But before they can risk everything, wildfires bear down on their town and their family secrets come to the surface.

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Fooling Around

Noelle Adams

Release Date: May 17, 2016

When the handsome tech mogul, Eric Vincent, is involved in a ski accident and sentenced to three months of immobility, he can only think of one way to make it bearable: Julie Nelsoh. Julie has zero interest in waiting on hand and foot for a spoiled billionaire over the next three months…until he ups the salary to one million dollars. Now she’s struggling to bite her tongue (and resist temptation) as Eric quite literally attempts to drive her wild. Will she give him what he wants? Or will she finally take what she wants?

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