Books To Read If You Like Sandie Jones

03 Jul 2019

Books To Read If You Like Sandie Jones

Sandie Jones is a bestselling author of mystery and thriller novels. Her first book, The Other Woman, was a Reese Witherspoon x Hello Sunshine Book Club Pick and New York Times Bestseller. Her new book, The First Mistake, was released earlier this month. If you are in the mood for some exciting mystery and thriller novels for your reading list, make sure you check out these books to read if you like Sandie Jones.

Mill Point Road

by JK Ellem

Release Date: June 30, 2019

Recently widowed, Rebecca Cartwright has moved into an exclusive gated community in Ravenswood, called Mill Point Road. Here she was able to leave behind her past and make new friends with a welcoming group of wives who are her neighbors. But soon Rebecca discovers that there are dark and sinister secrets hiding behind the beautiful homes and manicured lawns.

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The Girl Who Loved Caravaggio

by Belle Ami

Release Date: June 1, 2019

The second book in the bestselling Out of Time Thriller Series… Angela Renatus is an art historian that knows she is different. She can see into the past and witness the lives of some of the greatest artists of all time. Angela and her fianc√©, Alex, use this power to recover precious works of art. Now they have been hired by the Uffizi Gallery in Rome to investigate one of the greatest art heists in history-the theft of Caravaggio’s Nativity.

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What You Did

by Willow Rose

Release Date: June 23, 2019

The sequel to the bestselling mystery, Don’t Lie To Me, by Willow Rose… Three girls have disappeared on prom night. FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas has been asked to join the investigation and uncover what happened that night and how they went missing as they made their way home from the dance. When a young girl’s body is found in her backyard, Eva Rae knows she is now involved… and she is the killer’s next target.

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False Step

by Victoria Helen Stone

Release Date: July 1, 2019

For days, everyone in Denver, Colorado, has been rattled by the disappearance of a young child, Tanner Holcomb. Then a miracle happens. Johnny Bradley finds him frightened but unharmed on a hiking trail miles from his wealthy family’s mountain home. In an instant, the cash-strapped fitness trainer turns into a hero. But his wife, Veronica, despises the sudden fame. She is afraid her secrets may come to light.

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Whisper Network

by Chandler Baker

Release Date: July 2, 2019

Sloane, Ardie, Grace, and Rosalita have all worked at Truviv Inc. for years. When the CEO of the company suddenly dies, their boss Ames is set to take over. There have always been whispers surrounding Ames and his treatment of women, but they have always been ignored and swept under the rug. Now Sloane and her colleagues are going to make a stand against him… But not everyone will survive.

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by Lisa Jackson

Release Date: July 1, 2019

Some people in Edgewater, Oregon, think that Rachel Gaston got away with murder twenty years ago. She has no idea how a simple teenage game turned deadly or who replaced her soft pellet air gun with a real weapon. When a figure jumped at her from the darkness she just fired. She didn’t have time to realize it was her half-brother, Luke. As her high school reunion nears, her imagination starts to play tricks on her. And a connection surfaces between a new string of murders and Luke’s death.

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