Books to Read if You Like Paige Tyler

06 Dec 2016

It’s all about the redemption. Especially in New York Times bestselling author Paige Tyler‘s books. Her collection of alpha bad boys has captivated readers and left them begging for more. Her SEALs of Coronado series takes rough men and thrusts them into circumstances with women who make them turn soft. If you enjoy a bad boy with a soft spot, try these books to read if you like Paige Tyler.

Books to Read if You Like Paige Tyler


The Soul of a SEAL

Anne Elizabeth

Release Date: December 6, 2016

Dr. Kimberly Warren has worked her whole life to get to where she is: brilliant engineer and founder of a covert space program. But when scientists start dying on a mission she’s assigned, Navy SEAL Captain Bennett Sheraton is sent in to uncover who is sabotaging the program. While working undercover as an astronaut candidate, Bennett and Kimberly discover an instant attraction and struggle to resist such a major distraction. But with their lives on the line, they just may discover what they’ve been missing.

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The MIA Groom

Teri Riggs

Release Date: November 8, 2016

Jillian Gilmore has waited patiently for her wedding day, knowing that while her husband may not be perfect he will definitely, at the very least, show up. Right? Except former Navy SEAL Tucker Abrams has been waiting nine months for the perfect opportunity to infiltrate the Russian Mafia’s sex slave operation. And that perfect opportunity happens to be at the same time as Tucker and Jillian’s wedding. Now three months later, Tucker is hoping to pick up where they left off. Will Jillian be as willing to move on from her humiliation?

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Promise Me

Vivian Wood & Willow Winters

Release Date: November 18, 2016

When Hunter Graves joined the Navy, he broke Violet Shaw’s heart. He decided that no one should have to wait around for a soldier who may never come back. He never asked her what she wanted… but that was four years ago. Now he’s back and he knows what a mistake it was to let her go but Violet has moved on. She pushes him away every chance she gets but he knows something she doesn’t. He always gets what he wants.

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Lauren Landish

Release Date: November 6, 2016

When Hunter and Lindsay first started sneaking away together from the Academy, they didn’t think much about it. He was an officer and she was an enlisted: according to the Army, nothing could ever happen between them. But temptation is too much and they decide it’s okay as long as no one ever finds out about it. But then the Army does find out and Lindsay is sent off to a different base. When they see each other again four years later, their undeniable attraction is still there but this time Lindsay has a secret. A son. With Hunter’s eyes.

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B.B. Hamel

Release Date: November 1, 2016

Dante destroyed her whole family and now he was told to destroy her. She was the daughter of a rival mob and now his bosses wanted him to prepare her to be sold. They want him to teach her to kneel, submit, beg and like it. Dante never asked for his but once Jodie is in his possession he can’t help but think he wants her for himself. So that’s just what he decides to do: he’ll teach her to submit but then he’ll kill them all.

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Saving Liberty

Helena Newbury

Release Date: June 6, 2016

Kian is one of the last men on Earth the president’s daughter should be with, but that doesn’t stop him from saving her life. He knows he should say no when she asks him to be her bodyguard soon after, but he can’t say no to someone so scared. Now he has to wear a suit and call her ma’am when all he wants to do is slam her up against a wall and tear her clothes off. Neither of them can resist but when the White House comes under threat, Kian must do whatever it takes to protect her.

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