Books to Read if You Like Outlander

09 May 2016

The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon has just about everything you might want in a book. Historical romance? Check. Adventure and mystery? Check. Time travel? Definitely check. These books aren’t your average romance novels— they are extremely versatile and can be enjoyed by fans of any genre. If you’re looking for something different to read or you just love stories about romance and time travel (honestly, who wouldn’t), you’ve come to the right place. Scroll through our list of books to read if you like Outlander, and prepare to go on an adventure.

Books to Read if You Like Outlander

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Lost in the Highlands

Lorraine Beaumont

Release Date: April 22, 2016

Paige Walsh attends the annual Highland Games in the mountains of North Carolina, not expecting the adventure that would follow. She ends up making a deal with a Gypsy and somehow gets sent back in time to find a Hunky Highlander of her own. Just like Outlander, this book weaves together romance, time travel, and mystery to bring you a whirlwind of a love story.

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True to the Highlander

Barbara Longley

Release Date: February 18, 2014

With drama brewing between the nobles of the English and Scottish clans, things are not well in the Highlands of 1423. One day, Malcolm of clan MacKintosh finds a lone maiden on the side of the road and attempts to save her. This maiden is Alethia Goodsky, who has traveled to the Highlands from the future. Alethia needs to find her way back home, but Malcolm may need her help before she travels back.

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Nichole Van

Release Date: February 27, 2014

It’s 2012, and Emme Wilde is having trouble finding true love. All of her past boyfriends just didn’t cut it, but she does have a a strange obsession with the old portrait of a man in her locket. Determined to figure out who he is, she travels to England. In 1812, James Wright is dealing with the same troubles as Emme. He wants to find a girl who also has a passion for adventure, but his life has just been filled with drama. All of a sudden, Emme shows up at his estate, and their lives change forever.

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Veil of Time

Claire R. McDougall

Release Date: March 11, 2014

Maggie and her son retreat to the ruins of Dunadd in Scotland after her marriage falls apart. One day, she wakes up and finds that she is in a bustling village that resembles eighth-century Dunadd and feels strangely familiar to her. Maggie begins to grow close to Fergus, the brother of the king who has a daughter that look eerily similar to her late daughter from present day. Maggie needs to get back to her real home, but there is something about this old Scottish town that draws her in and makes her want to stay.

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The Daring Ladies of Lowell

Kate Alcott

Release Date: February 25, 2014

Alice Barrow is desperate to get away from her family’s farm, so she heads to Lowell in 1832 and becomes a part of the “mill girls.” There she meets and befriends Lovey Cornell, whose lively spirit helps her get through the long days in the mill. She also becomes close to the mill owner’s son, Samuel Fiske, who makes Alice believe in a better future. All of a sudden, Lovey is found strangled to death and Alice finds herself torn between her relationship with Sam and her allegiance to the girls of the mill.

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‘Til Death Do Us Part

Amanda Quick

Release Date: April 19, 2016

Calista Langely runs an agency in Victorian London that helps ladies and gentlemen who are alone and need help meeting people. She’s been receiving strange packages in the mail that all allude to death or mourning, and she begins to fear for her life. She turns to Trent Hastings for help, who is an author of popular crime novels. Even though he doesn’t quite trust her, Trent can’t deny that he’s attracted to Calista.

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