Books To Read If You Like Melinda Leigh

21 Mar 2018

Melinda Leigh is an Amazon Charts and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of popular thriller and suspense novels including the buzzy Morgan Dane and The Midnight Series. Her first novel, She Can Run, was nominated for Best First Novel by the International Thriller Writers. She has also been a RITA award finalist and earned three Daphne du Maurier Award nominations, Two Silver Falchion Awards, and two Golden Leaf Awards. Search for clues and solve the case with these exciting new books to read if you like Melinda Leigh!

Books To Read If You Like Melinda Leigh

Sick Girl

Rachel Hargrove

Release Date: March 15, 2018

Aubrey is fed up with her boyfriend Tom, a married man with two kids. He’s constantly shoving their affair on the back burner and canceling their dates, so Aubrey concocts a desperate plan to have Tom forever… kill his wife and take her place. Befriending his wife comes easily to Aubrey. But as they get closer, the more doubts she starts to have. Then a shocking discovery changes everything.

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The General Theory of a Haunting

Richard Easter

Release Date: December 24, 2017

Every haunting has a design… In the winter of 1809, Lord Francis Merryman’s wife is dying. In the madness of his grief, he is desperate eep Patience’s memory alive. As the plans to build a memorial progress, Marryman Hall starts to come alive with more than just memories. This brilliant mathematician and scholar has built more into the walls than just bricks and mortar.

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Brandi Reeds

Release Date: April 1, 2018

Veronica Cavanaugh is losing her grasp on the world. When the latest round of fertility treatments fail, she is left on the edge and unbalanced. To make things worse her three-year-old daughter Elizabella has a new devilish imaginary friend and her husband has failed to return home from a business trip. What was left of her stability is now starting to crumble.

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The Broken Girls

Simone St. James

Release Date: March 20, 2018

Idlewild Hall is a place for the girls whom no one wants. They are the troublemakers, the illegitimate and the ones who are too smart for their own good. In the small town where it is located, there are rumors that the boarding school is haunted. Four of the roommates bond over their fears and friendships blossom… until one of them disappears.

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Silent Victim

Caroline Mitchell

Release Date: March 1, 2018

Emma is a devoted wife and loving mother. She is also a killer… She has been hiding the dead body of a teacher who seduced her as a teen. Her secret might have stayed buried if her husband hadn’t got a promotion. Now they need to move to a bigger home and Emma must destroy the evidence. Except when she goes to the shallow grave in the garden the body is gone.

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Duel to the Death

J.A. Jance

Release Date: March 1, 2018

When Stuart Ramey takes down the man responsible for his best friend’s death, he thinks the case is finally resolved. But Stu soon finds himself with a multimillion-dollar fortune in Bitcoin thanks to a desperate bid by Frigg, a rogue A.I. program created by the killer. To sort the situation out, Stu enlists the help of Ali Reynolds and the cybersecurity crew at High Noon Enterprises.

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