Books To Read If You Like M. Never

30 May 2018

Books To Read If You Like M. Never

M. Never is the USA Today Bestselling Author of steamy contemporary romances like ACHE, Stripped From You, and the Decadence After Dark Series. If you are looking for a sexy new book boyfriend, we think you’ll love these brand new books to read if you like M. Never!

The Secret Arrangement

by Vanessa Waltz

Release Date: May 20, 2018

I only knew him by his handle, August. He knew me by a flirty, nude selfie attached to an email. One steamy phone call became a series of passionate exchanges. He was a fantasy…then he proposed. I’ve never seen my fianc√©, never kissed him and never been on a date. But I fell in love with him long before I saw his face. When we finally met, I found the strapping, handsome ex-soldier he promised. He was all mine.

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by Adriana Locke

Release Date: May 23, 2018

Seeing Cross Jacobs again wasn’t on Kallie’s to-do list. She couldn’t avoid him forever but she had to try. One minute she’s standing there by herself and the next she’s accosted by a rich, velvety scent that could only belong to one man… Cross. At face value, he is divine. He is rugged, confident and it doesn’t take long to find him charming. He’s nothing like the mischievous boy she left.

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One Hot Daddy

by Kira Blakely

Release Date: May 25, 2018

I want to take the innocence right out of her. But there’s a problem. She interns for my company and we have a zero fraternizing policy. I’m a single dad and I don’t have time to get involved in a scandal. Then I stumble upon her in the elevator where I live. She just moved in. I can’t take it anymore. Screw being Mr. Nice Guy. I’m going back to the old me. I’ll show her what a real man is like.

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Swallow Me Whole

by Gemma James

Release Date: May 20, 2018

Sadie Sawyer is my sister’s best friend. She’s the girl I’ve known since grade school. I’ve always considered her off-limits. Then everything changed one night when she crawled under the table in the bar. Now I know being friends isn’t enough. The taste of her lips. The sweetness of her innocence. The chance to earn her love.

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The Wild Heir

by Karina Halle

Release Date: May 16, 2018

At first glance, I seem like a normal, good-looking guy in his late twenties. I have confidence, a sculpted body and love the ladies as much as they love me. When I’m not base jumping or car racing, I’m chasing other thrills with the woman of the week. That would be fine for an average single guy, but that’s not me. I’m Crown Prince Magnus of Norway.

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Hot Asset

by Lauren Layne

Release Date: May 22, 2018

Ian Bradley is the definition of a Wall Street hotshot. He earns a seven-figure salary, wears designer suits and has a corner office. Every woman who knows him has felt the rush. But now he’s met his match in Laura McKenzie.

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