Books To Read If You Like L.J. Shen

11 Oct 2017

L.J. Shen is the bestselling author of Contemporary and New Adult Romance novels including the incredibly popular Sinners of Saint series. She has been skyrocketing up the Amazon charts recently and is one of the buzziest authors in romance right now. If you are looking for a contemporary romance that brings the heat but also delivers on the emotional feels, you’ll want to check out these brand new romance reads that are perfect for fans of L.J. Shen!

Books To Read If You Like L.J. Shen

The Surprise

Alice Ward

Release Date: October 7, 2017

One night is all we have together before I leave the country for a year to serve as a physician with Doctors Beyond Borders. Meeting her, being with her is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before… and probably never will again. I know she’s the one. When fate brings me back to the States earlier than expected, I come face to face with her. And the biggest surprise of my life.

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Unloved, a love story

Katy Regnery

Release Date: October 7, 2017

My father was convicted for the brutal murder of a dozen innocent girls twenty years ago. Though I was only eight-years-old at the time, I am aware – every day of my life – that I am his child, his only son. To protect the world from the poison in my veins, I live off the grid and away from humanity. I promised myself, and my mother, not to infect innocent lives with the darkness that swirls inside me. It’s a promise I would have kept… if Brynn Cadogan hadn’t stumbled into my life.

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Royally Ruined

Nora Flite

Release Date: October 3, 2017

Scotch is not one to run away from a difficult situation. But then she rescued her bestie from a violent Mafia member. She now finds herself running for her life. The only thing standing between her and certain death is the most dangerous man in the criminal underworld- and one of the sexiet. But just when Scotch thought she could keep her hands out of trouble, they end up all over Costello Badd’s hot body.

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Show Me the Way

A.L. Jackson

Release Date: October 1, 2017

Rex Gunner, the owner of the largest construction company in Gingham Lakes, has been burned one too many times. His wife leaving him to raise their daughter was the last blow this single dad could take. His little girl is the only woman he’ll let into his heart. But when Rex meets his new neighbor, Ryanna Dayne, he knows he’s in trouble. She’s gorgeous and sweet and everything he can’t trust. Until she becomes the one thing he can’t resist.

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J.S. Scott

Release Date: September 18, 2017

My name is Dane Walker, and I’m damaged. I lost my whole life in the plane crash that killed my father and left me scarred, both physically and emotionally. I could no longer function in the city, so I moved to my own private island in the Bahamas to lick my wounds. I was fine with being by myself. I was resigned to my fate. But then I met Kenzie Jordan. My brothers sent her; I wanted to send her away. But… I couldn’t.

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Dirty Little Promise

Kendal Ryan

Release Date: October 9, 2017

Passion, drama and suspense combine in the conclusion to Emma Bell’s love affair with the Kingsley brothers… Conflicted with her feelings for bad boy Gavin Kingsley, lonely librarian Emma Bell knows he’s all wrong for her—but her heart wants what it wants. If she gives into his dark desires will she lose herself completely?

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