Books To Read If You Like Game of Thrones

10 Aug 2017

If you enjoy Epic Fantasy tales then it’s safe to say you’ve probably ventured through the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, in George R.R. Martin’s, A Song of Ice and Fire Series. Game of Thrones has taken the world by storm and is without a doubt one of the most popular Fantasy book/TV series of all time. If you’ve finished the novels and are all caught up on the most recent episodes, you should definitely check out these brand new Epic Fantasy books. Enjoy the journey that awaits you!

Books To Read If You Like Game of Thrones

Akiri: Dragonbane

Brian D. Anderson & Steven Savile

Release Date: August 8, 2017

The land is in the grip of a brutal winter when a desperate cry for help from one of his former sword brothers draws Akiri and Kyra up into the mountains beyond Erdogan Pass. Upon arrival, they discover they are too late, with the village ablaze and Cammeric and his family slain. All that remains is his son, who is now an orphan. The beast that murdered his family is no man – it is a warrior brought back from the grave, that will do anything to fulfill its master’s bidding. Akiri swears to avenge his friend and protect the boy, but now finds himself hunted by the dead.

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Dragon God

Ava Richardson

Release Date: July 26, 2017

Niell Torvald is desperate to prove himself — his father’s kingdom depends on him. When an attack on the way to the Draconis Order monastery nearly kills him, it becomes clear that grave trials await him on this journey. Joreth, the monk who saves his life, advises caution upon entering the sacred halls, where he will learn arcane magic that will help to cement his father’s power. But Niell will need more than magical arts alone to navigate the challenges that await him.

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Age of Swords

Michael J. Sullivan

Release Date: July 25, 2017

In the sequel to Age of Myth, Michael J. Sullivan continues the Legends of the First Empire Saga as the human uprising is threatened by powerful enemies and a bitter rivalry within. Raithe, the God Killer, may have started the rebellion by killing a Fhrey, but it is proving impossible to unite against the common foe. Even if they can manage to join forces, how can they stop an enemy with magical powers like a God?

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Copper Chain

James Maxwell

Release Date: August 3, 2017

Dion, now king of Xanthos, is finally in command of the naval fleet he’s always dreamed of. But his hopes for peace are jeopardized when King Palemon invades the Salesian city of Malakai. Too weak to confront Dion directly, Palemon turns to a mysterious magic from the lost civilization of Aleuthea. With this, he will have the potential to control dragons.

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Heart of the Empire

Carrie Summers

Release Date: August 1, 2017

Tainted magic spills from a crack between worlds. As the land shatters and betrayals cleave the Emperor’s court, an ancient power awaken. Savra, a miner on a remote coast, lives in innocence of her Emperor’s savage rule. Only her father’s disappearance – and the rumors of his rebel connections – break her illusion. When she’s suddenly torn from her home, a chance meeting with a young man provides the first glimpse of her tangled destiny.

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The Silent Shield

Jeff Wheeler

Release Date: August 22, 2017

Courtly intrigue and rumors of invasion plunge Kingfountain into turmoil as the search for Trynne Kiskaddon father begins in earnest. But Trynne’s quest to learn the truth of Owen’s sinister disappearance is sidetracked when tragedy strikes her family once again. Suddenly, the future of the kingdom rests in her hands as she struggles to learn—and control—the power that can keep the threatening Deep Fathoms at bay.

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