Books To Read If You Like Fantasy & Science Fiction

26 Mar 2020

Books To Read If You Like Fantasy & Science Fiction

Does your library need some new books full of exciting adventures and interesting worlds? Then you will love these fantastic new fantasy and science fiction book releases from bestselling authors John Reizer, Michelle Bryan, Dwai Lahiri, Ryan Kirk, Rysa Walker, Joseph Fink, and Jeffrey Cranor. Enjoy your new books!

The Homecoming

by John Reizer

The year is 2036 and Earth is facing a natural disaster that alters modern society. In a world now devoid of most advanced technology, the world’s superpowers are quickly reduced in strength and prominence. The survivors don’t want to repeat the mistakes of their ancestors, so begin to methodically rebuild society. A New World Government now runs the planet and has outlawed all acts of war and the existence of sovereign countries. For the first time in Earth’s history, there is peace. That is until they are contacted by an extraterrestrial race called the Tresantarians.

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The Lost Link

by Michelle Bryan

The first book in the Power of Fae series by USA Today Bestselling Author Michelle Bryan… Every night in my dreams I die. Add to that hallucinations of people I’ve never met and creatures that don’t exist. Needless to say, I struggle to let anyone it. People don’t tend to take well to weirdos that can’t differentiate between reality and illusion. But then everything changed the day a dragon attacked.

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The Mahāsiddha Field

by Dwai Lahiri

Find out what happens when seemingly unconnected individuals get drawn into a world of suspense and action, as mythology collides with the real world in the first book in The Mahāsiddha Series by Dwai Lahiri… Discover what happens when an unlikely adversary leaps out of the world of Indian mythology to challenge their beliefs, their sanity, and their courage.

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The Gate Beyond Oblivion

by Ryan Kirk

The first book in the Oblivion’s Gate series by Ryan Kirk… Brandt is one of the empire’s most skilled soldiers, so he is no stranger to combat. But he is left shattered when he and his fellow wolfblades fight a merciless warrior armed with impossible magic. As he searches for answers, he accidentally stumbles upon a secret war, one that could threaten the land he calls home.

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Now, Then, and Everywhen

by Rysa Walker

The first book in the Chronos Origins series by bestselling author Rysa Walker… What happens when two time-traveling historians cross paths during one of the most tumultuous decades of the twentieth century? History goes helter-skelter… but who which one of them broke the timeline? Was in Madison Grace from 2136 or Tyson Reyes from 2304. Regardless of who caused it, they must work together to prevent the past from being erased forever.

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The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home

by Joseph Fink & Jeffrey Cranor

The third book in the Welcome to Night Vale series by the creators of the hit podcast Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor… There is a faceless woman who secretly lives in everyone’s home in Night Vale. No one knows how she got there or where she came from. Until now… This new novel explores the history of the Faceless Old Woman in a series of eerie flashbacks. Interspersed throughout is a present-day story in Night Vale and how she guides, haunts, and sabotages a man named Craig.

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